First edition ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’ arrives ~ Sister Parvati


On December 10, 1946…Master asked Ananda Ma to fetch his fountain pen.  Then he began using the crowbar to open a crate.  When it was open he took out the AYs [Autobiography of a Yogi] one at a time and wrote, “December 10, 1946 Unceasing Blessings, Paramahansa Yogananda.”  A few weeks later, Sister asked Master to write something in her book.   He wrote, “Find eternity on the altar of these pages.”

The AY is a scripture.  We can apply every story in the AY to our own life.  An example of that is Babaji following Lahiri Mahasaya  through his last life in his cave, and then through his astral life, and again through his life as Lahiri Mahasaya, watching over him all the time just like a mother bird guarding her young.   And that is exactly how Master watches over you.   He is always with us.

from  Sister PARVATI ~ Stories of Paramahansaji

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Sister Parvati ~ I vividly recall when Autobiography of a Yogi was first released.  Some time later I asked Paramahansaji if he would write a little thought in my copy.  He wrote, “Find the Infinite hidden on the altar of these pages.”  Sometimes when I’ve had a specific need, I have opened the Autobiography to some passage and thought, “I don’t remember ever seeing that before!”  But it exactly addresses what I had to deal with at the moment.  Though I would not have known where to go in the book to find it, it leaps off the page when I need to see it.  I have found that the Master’s counsel is really true — you can find the Infinite hidden on the altar of those pages.

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“This book will be my messenger….”
Thus did Paramahansa Yogananda prophesy the role of his Autobiography of a Yogi in drawing souls from around the world to the sacred path of Kriya Yoga he had been ordained to spread worldwide.

from  How Disciples of Paramahansa Yogananda Found Autobiography of a Yogi, SRF Link



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