“The loop hole in the law of Karma – Divine Mother’s Love”… Br. Lynne

Divine Mother 80

On Mother’s Day, Brahmachari Lynne gave a beautiful talk on the Mother aspect of God.  As Guruji tells us – we must have a clear conception of God, so that God becomes real, personal, and meaningful.

The Mother vs the Father Aspect of God:

-The Mother aspect of God is mercy, kindness, forgiveness, and unconditional love.  No matter what we do, the Mother will always love us.
-The Father aspect of God is law, Karma, and justice.

Turning to the Mother can wipe away our Karma:

-Guru strongly recommended that we pray to God as the Divine Mother for a number of reasons.
-Divine Mother is so all embracing that no matter what we do, if we love Her with all our heart our Karma will be wiped away.
-We have all done pretty bad things in the past, so who wants to pay the full price of all our Karma!

God responds in whatever form we worship:

-If you worship God as a harsh, punishing, law-giver he will respond that way, whereas if you worship God as love and compassion that is the response you will receive.
– The old testament preached an eye for an eye – conditional Father love. Jesus preached forgiveness and mercy – the Mother aspect.
-Old Spanish proverb – “An ounce of mother is worth a pound of clergy!”

Divine Mother World

God as personal and impersonal:

-“Ishta” means the form of God that you worship – it could be the Guru, Divine Mother, Krishna, another saint, etc.
-God can also be worshiped as infinite light, love, sound, bliss, etc.
-To think of God in formless terms is really hard – those whose goal is the unmanifested will have more difficulties.
-The path is easier if you think of God as a Father or Mother with human qualities.  Like this you can build a personal relationship with God.  God seems to like this.
-However you choose to think of God always include an “ounce of mother” – some amount of mercy and kindness.  This changes us and makes us more receptive.

We become like the form of God we conceptualize:

– Master Mahasaya’s gaze was without a trace of censure, filled with purity – because he had gazed on the Divine Mother for so long he had become one with her.
-How you think of God – so you will become.
– Be like a trusting dog – having your belly scratched by God!
-Or, be like a trusting child when you pray to God – open and receptive.

Appreciate your Parents to bring peace on Earth:

-Brahmachari Lynne once had to babysit a newborn for three hours and was overcome with appreciation for Mom’s everywhere!
-Let’s hold a grateful thought for all mothers who nurtured their children with affection.
-If children would reflect on the love shown by the Mother, they would want to give that affection to all.
-Thus we would have peace and heaven on Earth.
-Love everyone like a Mother and you can become the channel for the Divine Mother.



-Note that men also have the aspect of the Mother and the capacity for motherly love within them because all men have also been mothers and women in previous incarnations. (Also the soul has no gender)

-Guruji was both strict and motherly.  He was often mistaken for a woman!  His character reflected both the Mother and the Father aspects.

Jai Ma!

from devotee notes

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