Paramahansa Yogananda ~ Stories of the Guru


“He is watching over us. He knows where we are.” ~ Bro. Sevananda

Paramahansaji Appears to Heal and Bless in Encinitas Gardens ~ a devotee story

“Talk to Me, Prove Me!” ~ SISTER AMBALIKA, direct disciple of Paramahansaji

Sister Parvati ~ Stories of Paramahansaji

“Has our Guru appeared to you since he left his body?” ~ Daya Mataji Answers

UMA MATA ~ Finding the Guru at Age Nine

Songs Master Loved (added Youtube links) ~ devotee notes

Paramahansaji, Seer of Sacred Scripture ~ Writing and Editing Described by Mrinalini Mata

Master’s Unconditional Love ~ Bro. Devananda

The Final Years ~ Completing the Writings; Revision of Earlier Works, Mrinalini Mata

Master’s Great Samadhi / “Vision of Visions” of 1948 ~ Mrinalini Mata

“You Must Never Lose Courage” ~ Yogananda’s letter to Ananda Mataji

SEVA DEVI, direct disciple ~ “Swamiji Is Here!”

“Never doubt the love of your Guru”—Bro. Anandamoy’s Avocado Story

“We Would Have Crawled on Our Hands and Knees…” ~ Bro. Anandamoy

Look for Guruji in your life ~ Bro. Vishwananda

The True Guru ~ Bro. Anandamoy

Yogananda Writes AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A YOGI ~ Daya Mata story

“UTTER Attunement With the Guru”~Bro. Anandamoy

Paramahansa Yogananda Comes to the West to Spread Kriya Yoga

“The Guru feels for his disciples” ~ Bro. Anandamoy’s Desert Bush story



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