Yogananda’s Clarification of Visualization in Kriya Yoga Practice ~ Sri Mrinalini Mata letter


Self-Realization Fellowship

September 11, 2013

Dear One,

Please be assured that your letters have reached me and that I continue to deeply pray for your health and well-being, and also for your dear wife.

Regarding your question about Kriya, please be assured that the Kriya Yoga technique has not been changed.  However, in the later years of his life, Master stated that he had received divine permission to clarify one detail of the explanation of how to visualize the currents while practicing Kriya, in order to better insure correct practice by devotees.  Beginning in the late 1940s he consistently taught Kriya with his refinement — in the way that it is taught in YSS/SRF Kriya initiations and in the current Lessons.  Master stated the previous way of explaining the movement of the current up and down that you have seen in the earlier Lessons was frequently misunderstood and practiced incorrectly — hence his clarification (to simply visualize the current going up through the “hollow tube” and down through the same passage).  It was his instruction that this be the standard explanation given by YSS/SRF Kriya initiators and in the Lessons, and we have followed that instruction to this day.  I hope this helps to allay your concerns and to reassure you that Gurudeva’s organization, both in India and in the West, is giving Kriya in full accord with his guidance.

You and all of your dear family continue to be remembered in my prayers.

God bless you always,

Sri Sri Mrinalini Mata


Sri Mrinalini Mata, Fourth President SRF/YSS

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