“He is watching over us. He knows where we are.” ~ Bro. Sevananda


Before I came to the ashram, I attended my first Convocation in the early 1970’s. I attended with friends. They could stay and visit ashrams but I had to go home and was a bit sad. I felt His presence was here and I had to go to LAX, dragging luggage. There was a big line.  Finally it was my turn and I looked up at a very huge guy, all muscles and neck.  I had a 16×20 picture on top of my clothing.  SRF was not a household word.  I unzipped my suitcase and he said, “Oh, Paramahansa Yogananda!” and waved me on through.  I realized instantly that Master was with me, right then, right there.  It was the first time I felt Him and since then, I have never felt alone.  It was the first of countless other experiences where I have felt that He was with me.

In thousands of ways He comes to us.  A week or so later I traveled with my parents to Europe on a business trip, but I stayed on.  I was in a hotel, and as I was leaving to go out that night, I saw the AY on a shelf by the desk.  I figured the owner must be the owner of the AY.  I said, “Good book, eh?” He replied, “I don’t know, someone left it here and I put it out to see if anyone would claim it.”  Well, when I went to get out my AY, I could not find it!  I was the mystery owner.  Then, in my room, I had the same feeling – that Master was with me, having some fun with me.  He does not give out just a little flower, sometimes He gives the whole plant.

A monk was walking on the sacred grounds.  He was feeling discouraged.  The grounds were closed.  He saw a little bit of paper and was about to pick it up when he thought, “Oh why bother, it is so small.”  But guilt got to him and he went back to pick it up.  It was a tiny picture of our Guru, a whisper from eternity.  He is watching over us.  He knows where we are. 

An excerpt from~~The Guru: God’s Perfect Reflection – Bro. Sevananda, devotee notes

Brother Sevananda



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