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PARAMAHANSA YOGANANDA~~To simple persons, pure in heart, God sometimes proclaims a message or event of import to the masses.  Such revelations have been well documented and attested to: for example, the visions of Saint Bernadette that brought forth the miraculous healing waters at Lourdes, which have benefited generations since; and the prophecies of Fatima conveyed to three peasant children, confirmed by a phenomenon witnessed by thousands when the heavens seemed to open and the sun appeared to hurtle toward earth.  And one whose authenticity I personally witnessed, the testament of the holy Bavarian peasant Therese Neumann, who relives in vision the life of Christ and bears on her own body the marks of his crucifixion.  Perhaps the Lord wisely concludes that astounding news might be better received by the common man if conveyed through one (or a few) of their own…

from The Second Coming of Christ


Saint Bernadette Soubiroux of Lourdes


Some beautiful short clips from the movie Song of Bernadette showing Divine Mother

“One of the movies Master really enjoyed was Song of Bernadette.  In the movie, St. Bernadette sees the vision of The Lady – Master said that the portrayal of Divine Mother was exactly like the real thing.  He further said that the actress Jennifer Jones would be permanently changed by her playing this role.  Confirming Master’s saying, she sometimes comes to the Lake Shrine…”

~~  Dr Lewis, in Treasures Against Time by John and Brenda Lewis Rossner


Incorrupt body of Bernadette Subiroux




Song of Bernadette was made by a Jewish man escaping the Nazis during World War II who found himself in Lourdes.   He was so moved at what he saw there that he promised God if he made it to the US he would write a book about it, which was immediately made into a movie for inspiration in the wartime era.  The story of the making of the movie is on the special features of the movie, very inspiring.


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