Prayer: Trusting in God in Every Circumstance of Life ~ Mukti Mata


“Talk to God in the language of your soul”

There is a story of someone whose prayer went: “I want to thank you, Lord, for being close to me so far this day.  With your help, I haven’t been impatient; I haven’t lost my temper, or been grumpy, judgmental, or envious of anyone.  But, in a minute, Lord, I’ll be getting out of bed and then I think I’ll really need your help.  Amen.”  (Laughter from the audience)

The more we pray, the more we create an intimate relationship – a stronger connection with God.  Master said to talk to God in the language of your soul.   As you pray, He becomes closer.  He becomes for you a greater reality.  Daya Mata says we should talk to God as the nearest and dearest friend.


“Go directly to God for help and guidance”

Master always guided us to go directly to God for help and guidance – to consult Him personally rather than consulting outside sources or relying on our own abilities.  Usually when we have a problem, we are thinking, “Who can I go to? What can I do?”  This is alright, but we need to remember that we can’t do it alone.  Ask for divine aid in all that you do.  We need God and guru.  Master taught, “Do not stop your conscious efforts nor rely entirely upon your own.”

Remember, God is the doer. Our part is to be in tune with Him and allow him to work through us.  We may scarcely be aware of how this is happening – things that may be so much a part of our lives that we don’t notice.  But He often plans for us much better than we plan for ourselves.


“God doesn’t always answer our prayers in the way we want, but in the way we need.

Sometimes he allows us to go through experiences that are very difficult. Why?  We may need those challenges in order to grow spiritually.  We develop inner strength through such experiences and this in turn helps us develop greater faith.  When the time is right, the right solution comes.  God doesn’t always answer our prayers in the way we want, but in the way we need.

In Kuwait during ‘Desert Storm,’ one officer wrote about an experience with prayer.  His marines were in great danger; they were under heavy artillery fire, and there were landmines all around, with thousands of Iraqi troops just beyond the border.  On top of that, it was pouring rain and visibility was nearly zero.  The officer in charge prayed and prayed for the rain to stop, so they could cross the border and advance to a better place.  But his prayers went seemingly unanswered, and they were forced to a complete standstill as the heavy rain continued.  When the skies finally cleared, they saw to their astonishment that the relentless rains had washed away the soil, revealing Iraqi mine fields just ahead in their path.


What should we pray for?   Attunement with God’s will…

The best time to pray is after meditation.  Focus your inner concentration on God alone. God’s voice is silence.   Only when thoughts cease can we hear God’s voice and receive his answer – through intuition – that is God’s expression.

Remember, meditation increases our receptivity, our attunement – and that resulting attunement strengthens our faith because it makes God real to us.   When we feel His presence, it deepens our connection to Him.

What should we pray for?   Attunement with God’s will… It’s okay to pray for what we want, but prayer is better if we pray that His will be done.   Trust more in God and you will come to realize that He who created you will maintain you.

Gyanamata wrote that in a time when something coming into her life that filled her with apprehension, she prayed and God told her the prayer He would listen to: “Change no circumstance in my life.  Change me.”


“Don’t depend on me in an outer way. Be in tune with me inwardly.”

Master liked to take little trips and he would always take several of the devotees with him on these occasional sojourns to get away from the pressures in his life and the work. Sister said she was often invited to go on these trips with him, and it was a great blessing to be with him.  Master would often go into samadhi.

One day as Sister was working in the office a thought came to her that she hadn’t seen Master lately.  Then she thought, “Well of course not, he is very busy.”  But later she happened to see two devotees in the hallway and realized they were getting ready to leave on one of those little excursions.  Now Sister began to wonder what had happened – why she was no longer included in Master’s ‘special group’ anymore.  She became full of worry: “What is wrong? What have I done? What’s wrong with me?  Is Master angry with me?”  These negative thoughts continued to plague her mind day after day.

Then one day she was outside on the grounds and she looked up at Master’s window.  Just then Master’s thought came to her: “Look at you! When you first came here you never thought you would be privileged to go with Master.  When you first came you were thinking only of God.  And you were happy. Now look at you!”

Sister said at that moment suddenly the top of her head flew back and her whole soul flew into Spirit – and changed her.  She was happy again, free from those endless negative thoughts that she had done something wrong.  Then another nun came and said to her, “Master wants us to meet him in an hour to go for a drive.”  Master asked Sister to sit next to him in the car and he leaned over and said to her, “You finally got my message.”  Master was trying to tell Sister, “Don’t depend on me in an outer way. Be in tune with me inwardly.”
excerpts from “Prayer: Trusting in God in Every Circumstance of Life” by Mukti Mata

                      Mukti Mata

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