COSMIC CHANT “Swami Ram Tirtha’s Song”; Ram Tirtha’s Life and Teachings

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Paramahansa Yogananda was a great admirer of Rama Tirtha, translating many of Rama Tirtha‘s poems from Bengali into English, and putting some of them to music. One of Rama Tirtha‘s poems, titled “Marching Light” appeared in Yogananda’s book of Hindu chants Cosmic Chants as “Swami Ram Tirtha‘s Song.”


PARAMAHANSA YOGANANDA:  God has given you the power to dynamite all your troubles. “Beware O ye mountains, stand not in my way! Your ribs will be shattered and tattered today!” A great swami Ram Tirtha wrote those words. “I hitch to my chariot the fates and the Gods!”

…We can hitch to the chariot of our will the prisoners of habits and drive them, instead of letting them drive us. To be able to do the things that we know we should do, not merely the things we whimsically want to do, is to be really free.


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Swami Ram Tirtha‘s Song

None can tone* me, say who would injure me?

The world stands aside to make room for me.
I come, O blazing Light! The shadows must flee.
Hail, O ye ocean, divide up and part!

Or parched up and scorched up, be dried up, depart!

None can tone me, say who would injure me?

Beware, O ye mountains! Stand not in my way.
Your ribs will be shattered and tattered today!
Friends and couns’lors, pray waste not your breath,
Take up my orders, devour up ye death!

None can tone me, say who would injure me?

I ride on the tempest, astride on the gale.
My gun is the lightning, my shots never fail.
I chase as a huntsman, I eat as I seize
The trees and the mountains, the land and the seas.

None can tone me, say who would injure me?

I hitch to my chariot the fates and the gods;
In the voice of thunder, proclaim it abroad!
Howl, O ye winds! Blow, bugles, blow free!

Liberty! Liberty! Liberty! Om!

*Swami Ram Tirtha uses the word ‘tone’ in the sense of tone down. Nothing can weaken or lessen the power of the almighty soul; hence, naught can withstand the unconquerable spirit of the determined devotee.

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Swami Rama Tirtha‘s life and teachings

taken mainly from Swami Sivananda’s Life of Saints

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Swami Rama Tirtha was a great ascetic and an enlightened mystic…He had the highest realisation of the Satchidananda as the all-inclusive Bliss-supreme..

Swami Rama was a living Vedantin. He saw and felt God in all names and forms. His beautiful words are often addressed to the trees, rivers and mountains…The effect of his presence was marvelous. His infectious joy and his bird-like warbling of Om enchanted everyone.

He went to America and Japan and thrilled the Americans and the Japanese with his inspiring and soul-elevating speeches. In Egypt he was accorded a hearty welcome by the Mohammedans, to whom he delivered a lecture in Persian in their mosque. Rama Tirtha was ever cheerful and brilliant with eyes beaming with divine lustre and joy. He was perfectly at home in Persian, English, Hindi, Urdu and Sanskrit literature…

Sri Swami Rama Tirtha is one of the brightest jewels of India’s genius. Rama belongs to that prophetic group of inspired seers who rang up the curtain of Indian Renaissance and ushered in the era of a strongly positive, aggressive and all-conquering spirituality.

Rama Tirtha lived practical philosophy, and through that showed to the world that it was possible to rejoice in the bliss of the Self even in this very life, and that everyone could partake of this bliss if one sincerely strived for it.

Swami Rama was Divinity personified and love-incarnate. He is ever alive as a dynamic soul-force, ever shedding the spiritual effulgence in the heart of every seeker after Truth. His teachings are inspiring, elevating and illuminating—a fountain of his intuitive experiences…

To the West, Swami Rama appeared not merely as a wise man of the East but as the Wisdom of the East come in tangible form. Rama Tirtha was a blissful being inebriated with the ecstasy of Spiritual Consciousness. And his bliss was infectious. His glance flashed forth Vedanta. His smile radiated the joy of the Spirit.

Both to the East and to the West, therefore, Swami Rama‘s life has been a boon and a blessing. For India, he vivified Vedanta with the vitality of his own inspired life and shining example. He shook India out of fantasy, superstition and misconception; he shocked America to wakefulness and an awareness of the intrinsic worth of the practicality of Atmic living. He revealed how the central secret of all lofty activity lay in attunement with the Divine Law of oneness, harmony and bliss.

In short, Swami Rama‘s thrilling life is a flashing example of rare Prem and a divine spontaneity. Listen! Here Rama‘s voice whispers: “You have simply to shine as the Soul of All, as the Source of Light, as the Spring of Delight, O Blessed One! And energy, life activity will naturally begin to radiate from you. From this moment let Rama enter into your heart and animate your actions and inspire your actions and inspire your very life! Live in Om!

Swami Rama gave up his body in the Ganges when he was only thirty-three, on the day of Diwali, the Festival of Lights.

The Rama Tirtha Publication League has brought out most of the writings of this great saint of India. They are given in several volumes, entitled In the Woods of God-realisation.

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