Spiritual Happiness: God’s Beautiful Divine Plan ~ Sister Preeti


I remember so clearly the first time I encountered the words “God’s Beautiful Divine Plan.”  It was a light bulb moment for me in which I instantly knew without any doubt that whatever was in God’s plan for my life would come about, and if it wasn’t part of his plan, it wouldn’t.  Ah! that was such a freeing assurance.  I felt like dancing for joy because I knew deep in my soul that I could TRUST in God’s plan.

And there’s a special place for EACH ONE OF US in God’s beautiful divine plan.  We can only be happy by trusting in God, by being content with the part HE assigns us, and by accepting gracefully, and gratefully, whatever HE chooses to give.  When things don’t go according to our plans, it isn’t always immediately apparent why God chose a different plan.

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Biggest Disappointment Led to Greatest Joy

My first BIG disappointment in life led, many years later, to my life’s greatest joy.  When I was thirteen, I was very much looking forward to attending a certain all girls college prep high school.  But that year, instead of either accepting or rejecting applicants as usual, they put everyone on a waiting list…and a change in plans was announced.  There was a second all girls high school in the area, one that specialized in training executive secretaries for the New York City job market.  Well, it certainly wasn’t my plan to EVER work in an office.  I was considering lots of possibilities, none of which were even remotely near an office.  But guess where I went to school (laughter from the audience). That’s right, the one that trained executive secretaries.

After high school when I went on to college, I always wondered in the background of my mind why I spent so much time training as a secretary.  It didn’t make any sense to me.  But that question was finally answered, many years later, after I entered the ashram and became Daya Mata’s secretary. (laughter and applause)

If you all look back at your lives from the balcony of introspection I’m sure you too will see God’s divine plan at work.  The challenge for us is to remember in the present moment that God always has our highest good in mind. He sees the BIG picture, while we tend to get caught up in the passing scene.  The moral of the story: Trust in the correctness of God’s plan and be content with what HE chooses.  Remember, God WANTS us to be happy.

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Adopt Thoughts and Actions That Lead to Happiness

We have to do our part by adopting thoughts and actions that LEAD to happiness, choosing those that LIFT our spirits in that upward spiral.

When I studied weaving, I learned the importance of carefully selecting colors, fibers and patterns that would result in a pleasing tapestry.  There’s a very direct, obvious correlation between what you choose, and the end result.  So it is with the fabric of our lives.  We have to carefully choose the thoughts, actions and attitudes that we weave into the tapestry of our daily lives if we want to be spiritually happy.  And this is even more crucial when going through difficult circumstances.

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Guruji stresses over and over that it is the world INSIDE of us that determines our happiness or unhappiness, more than outer circumstances.  Helen Keller*** [view videos below] proved this in her life.  Blind and deaf from an early age, she triumphed over her seemingly insurmountable circumstances and became an inspiration for many.  Her advice was, “If you always keep your face to the sunshine, you will never see the shadows.”

Master expressed a parallel thought in these words: REMEMBER, YOU WON’T BE FRIGHTENED BY THE SHADOWS OR TOUCHED BY SATAN IF YOU KEEP YOUR ATTENTION ON THE LIGHT.”  It is Maya’s intention to keep us focused on the shadows.  We need to consciously practice focusing on the Light, on positive thoughts and emotions, on God.

***Helen Keller was named one of the 100 most influential people of the twentieth century by Time magazine. 

excerpts from Sister Preeti’s talk CD “SPIRITUAL HAPPINESS” in Winter 2013  Self-Realization magazine 



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Helen Keller – Her Amazing Story



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