Sri Daya Mataji ~ “No insecurities; no fear of loss, or injury, or even of death…”


Gurudeva Paramahansa Yogananda once said: “Fearlessness means faith in God: faith in His protection, His justice, His wisdom, His mercy, his love, and His omnipresence…To be fit for Self-realization, a man must be fearless.”

…When hardship threatens we should not let ourselves feel helpless or forlorn, nor should we whine, “Why me?”   The courageous devotee will remind himself that adversity comes not to destroy or punish him, but to help to rouse the invincibility in his soul.

Once I was thinking of the many struggles that have come to me with the responsibility for Guruji’s worldwide society.  Suddenly, a tremendous joy flooded my consciousness, and the grateful realization poured over me: “Oh, my Lord, how much you love me, how much you love me!”  In the experience I clearly perceived the measureless love and blessing of God that is within even the most severe trials endured by his devotees.  As Guruji often told us, the painful ordeals we go through are but the shadow of God’s hand outstretched in blessing.  The Lord is very anxious to get us out of this maya, this troublesome world of duality.  Whatever difficulties he permits us to pass through are necessary to hasten our return to him.  If we fully understand this, we become freed from resentment and discouragement over our crosses. 

When you are a child, you have the problems of a child; but when you become an adult, you have an adult’s responsibilities and difficulties.  Likewise, as you grow spiritually, your challenges increase.  But know this for certain: The Lord permits no experience to come to you that is beyond your strength.  Never doubt this.  Nothing can overwhelm you unless out of doubt and fear you permit it to do so.   Whatever comes, face it with patience and faith in God: “Lord, bless me, that I may find the courage to deal with this experience; and through it, draw closer to You.”  Do the best you can, given the circumstances, and trustingly leave the result in God’s hand. 

Remember, as Master said:  “Nothing can touch you if you inwardly love God.”  If you love God, your mind is always centered in Him.  You are resting on eternal truth instead of being tossed about by the constant uncertainties of mortal existence.  You become immersed in the stillness of the depths of the ocean of His presence within, where no surface storms can unsettle you.  Then you have no insecurities—no fear of loss, or injury, or even of death.

                            Sri Sri Daya Mataji

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