Forcefully Opposing the Severity of the Wrongdoer ~ Yogananda and Sw. Ram Tirtha


PARAMAHAHANSA YOGANANDA:  One whose immunity of calmness and love can resist the hatred from an angry brother thereby prevents that virus of disquieting emotion from entering within himself…The ideal of nonretaliation does not justify supine surrender to wrongdoing or tacit approval of evil.  To turn the other cheek is not calculated to make a person into a mental or moral weakling…but to instill the strength of self-control gained by overcoming the impulse to act under the influence of revenge…When by spiritual example and adamant determination he can maintain his ideal personality in spite of any robbers of disquietude, he becomes a towering example of truth in the eyes of others. — The Second Coming of Christ


QUERY: Swamiji, you tell us not to have any feeling of hatred and yet forcefully oppose the severity of the wrongdoer.  Can it be practically possible in our daily life?

Swami Ram Tirtha

SWAMI RAM TIRTHA: It is possible and quite possible. There are a good many examples in history.  In the epic war between Rama and Ravana, Lord Rama at first did his best through different messages to make him (Ravana) realize his mistake.  But when he (Ravana) remained adamant, Lord Rama had to invade Lanka…Rama was prompted by his sense of duty, without any feeling of ill-will or hatred against Ravana

The same was the case in the war of Mahabharata, between the mighty Kauravas and the poor Pandavas.  The Pandavas also did their best to make the Kauravas realize their extreme injustice and selfishness.  But, when they did not care to listen to the advice of even Lord Krishna, the Pandavas had no option but to accept their challenge of war. They fought a furious battle during the day.  In the evening, when the battle was over, they used to meet each other with love, without any feeling of hatred or malice.  It may appear to be rather impossible, but it so happened, as is said.

Lord Krishna leading Arjuna and the Pandavas in righteous battle

You also please study the Islamic history.  When the Prophet Mohammad invaded Mecca, his soldiers were outnumbered by the army of his opponent.  Even then the Prophet, taking it was the order of God, did not hesitate to invade Mecca.  There was no feeling of personal animosity in this.  His cause was righteous and, therefore, he had to win the war, and as we all know, he did come out with flying colors.   The questions of any hatred does not arise, when the cause is that of Truth. …

In this connection Rama would like to quote a few more individuals to prove that it is quite possible not to hate your adversaries, even though they might have caused you irreparable harm.  Some of them remained calm and composed, even when they were in the very jaws of death.


Take the case of Jesus Christ.  He was put on a cross to suffer his execution.  Even on the cross, before his actual death, he prayed to God with loving spirit to forgive them for they did not know what they were going to do.

The Prophet Mohammad was abused and insulted for his godly action.  But, he never entertained any feeling of hatred or revenge.  It is said that whenever he passed by a particular house, a woman would throw rubbish over his head, but he never lost his temper.  Once or twice, it so happened that no rubbish was thrown at him.  He was surprised and on inquiry, he learnt that the particular woman had been ill for a few days.  Mohammad Saheb was moved, went to see her and helped her in her treatment. The woman realized her mistake, apologized and accepted Islam.

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