James J. Lynn / Rajarsi Janakananda in Kansas City ~ A Guidebook


“It was in Kansas City that James J. Lynn met his Guru, Paramahansa Yogananda in 1932.   Mr. Lynn, or Saint Lynn as Yogananda often called him, was to become one of his foremost disciples and throughout his lifetime his business endeavors and financial success allowed him to play an instrumental role in placing Self-Realization Fellowship on a sound financial footing.  He lived and worked in Kansas City for most of his life, and his body is entombed at Forest Hill Cemetery in Kansas City.  This booklet is intended to guide you in your pilgrimage to the sites associated with Rajarsi Janakananda and Paramahansa Yogananda.” 

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The scriptures of India say that when a great master comes to the world with a God-ordained mission for the upliftment of humanity, he brings with him advanced disciples from past incarnations to assist his work.  In a talk in 1942, Paramahansaji referred to this, saying: “A great saint in India used to cry, ‘O my dear ones, where are you?  Wherever you are, come to me.’  And one by one they came as his disciples in this life.  So it is with these close disciples around me: I knew them before… When I heard the name of Mr. Lynn I knew that I had known him before.  I knew that such a one would be sent to me.”

In a 1932 letter to ashram residents at Self-Realization Fellowship headquarters in Los Angeles, Paramahansaji wrote: “Lecture campaign work at Kansas City and meeting some of the most spiritual Yogoda students there has been one of the greatest happinesses of my life.” 

Such was Rajarsi’s receptivity that in that first meeting, in January 1932, the Guru was able to transmit to him the experience of Samadhi, ecstatic union with God.  In a lecture in 1933, Paramahansaji said: “A wealthy Kansas City man, the first day we met, touched Christ Consciousness.  His soul was ripe.  When he received the Kriya technique he said, ‘Life boils within my spine.  That is the technique I have been seeking.  I have found God.’ He meditated six hours with me the first day.”

Rajarsi Janakananda – A Great Western Yogi~ Self-Realization Fellowship

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