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Those great devotees who were around Master in the beginning to help…God sent them to carry the burden of the early work–and to this day.  And I will never forget Rajarsi…the effect he had on us was really profound.  He was so beautiful to look at.  Those blue eyes: like you’ve never seen blue before until you’ve seen those eyes.  And his complexion was so sun-kissed, like peaches.  It was shining from within.  It was really glorious.  And there are many stories about Rajarsi.  In Encinitas, he used to go out, float on the waves, his head out to sea, in the lotus posture, in ecstasy!  He blessed the ocean.

So his receptivity to Master–his attunement, his God-realization–were so profound that, at times, he seemed TO BE Guru.  I really saw that in him. I recalled it once, in particular.  I was in the main drive at Mother Center…And he came up from the Temple of Leaves and across the drive and started coming toward me, coming down the walk.  No one else was around, and there was Rajarsi coming toward me. And I watched him, and I thought, “Why, that’s Master’s walk!…those are Master’s dimensions!”…My eyes were wide watching him.  And he came right straight up to me and he said, “That’s Master in there.” (Sister gestures…as Rajarsi had demonstrated to her.) “That’s Master!” And I knew it was true.


His attunement invited that…He seemed to me, and I think to everyone, the epitome of a great Himalayan yogi.  I never saw him when he was not in bliss consciousness–ever!  And it was something to behold, something to behold.  I took kriya from him.  So here was a man who produced great material things, and had great material success, and at the same time he proved the validity of these teachings, and this path.

Many times I would suddenly be called to see him.  Never was I ready. NEVER was I in tune.  Well, almost never.  I, you know, you always remember the bad parts.  You always think, “Oh, my consciousness was not where it should have been!”  You only want to go take a shower before you come close to someone like that.  Same thing with Ma.  You had that feeling being around them.

I remember once in particular, we were preparing for the first convocation, when I was first there in 1952…and I was up on a very, very high ladder of the second story, and I was painting scenery and going over it…I FELT Rajarsi in the vicinity.  And I turned around on the ladder–just turned around on a straight-rung ladder–and sure enough, he was just driving in the gate…and he got out of the car and started coming toward me.  Well I just walked down that ladder as if it were a staircase.  I don’t know how I did that but I did it.  And I went up to him.  He was coming toward me so I had to present myself.  And I realized I had this big paint brush of brown paint in my hand.  And I was going up to get his blessing.  And I put my hands together, and I let it slide right down in the palm of my hand.  And then I went up to him.  And I put my head back down, and I looked back, and here he was going like this trying to find a clear spot to bless me.  And that was the story of my life!  It was sort of par for the course.

                    Sister Shanti

It was either I had bleach on my hands,  I had just finished cleaning the bathrooms, or I was out digging, or I had my jeans on, going to do something, and there I’d run into Rajarsi.  NEVER did I look like a saint.  Never.  You know, you want to.  It wasn’t there. 

This was a pretty wonderful way to live.  I have to tell you.  The environment of our lives there in these early days was CHARGED with the presence of these great disciples of Guru.  And it taught us so much–just being there in the presence, and it is there.  It permeates the very walls today.

from a talk at San Diego Temple, 1994, India Night

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