SRI YUKTESWARJI’S Message in the Grocery Line ~ Bro. Anilananda story

                 Bro. Devananda leading chanting

PERFORM THE TECHNIQUES OF MEDITATION – the gurus want us to use them. 

Brother told of an experience one devotee had while she was waiting in a check-out line in a grocery store:

The lady in line behind her said, “You have a nice aura.”

“Thank you.” the devotee answered, trying to be polite.

“You have one of those Indian gurus, don’t you.” the lady continued.

“….Yes.” answered the devotee, reluctantly acknowledging the odd remark and then turning away from her.

“Something like….Yut…Yuktes…..Yukwar…’s one of those Indian names I can’t pronounce.”

Now the devotee became curious. “….Do you mean Yukteswar?”

“That’s it.” came the reply, “I see him in your heart chakra.”

Inwardly the devotee thought, “What’s he doing in my heart chakra? ….and why can’t I see him?”

“He’s smiling at your question.” said the lady, and then she added,

“I see you with some kind of wooden thing…. do you have….uhmm …. it’s like two pieces of wood crossed….in the form of a T?”

“Why, yes.” said the devotee, to which the lady replied, “Well, he wants you to use it!”

(Much laughter from the audience)

Then this devotee confessed to Brother that she was meditating and praying three to five times a day, but she hadn’t been doing the Aum technique.

devotee note from Bro. Anilananda Convo talk

                            Brother Anilananda


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