Experiences of SRI YUKTESWARJI’S Great Divine Love ~ Daya Mataji


Hence the culture of this love, {Sraddha – the heart’s natural love} the heavenly gift, is the principal requisite for the attainment of the holy salvation;  it is impossible for man to advance a step toward the same without it. ~ Sri Yukteswar, The Holy Science

“Softer than a flower where kindness is concerned, stronger than the thunder where principles are at stake.” – Yogananda describing his Guru Swami Sri Yukteswarji


God is the most caring, understanding, the most loving of all beings…Never think God and Guru are unapproachable.  Through meditation, you can develop such a sweet intimate, trusting relationship with Them.

Let me tell you a little story that illustrates this.  Master often spoke to us of the incisive discipline he received in the ashram from his Guru, Swami Sri Yukteswarji.  Because of this, some devotees may have developed a certain timidity toward the Paramguru, thinking him unapproachable – a perfectionist whose standards were hopelessly beyond their reach!

Guruji often praised the work of Ananda Mata, my sister who came to the ashram a couple of years after I arrived.  “She is a perfectionist,” he said, “always very thorough in carrying out her duties.”  One day when we had been here just a short time, he looked at us both and said, of Ananda Ma: “ How my Guru would have appreciated her services!”  Throughout the years he would repeat this, saying how much Ananda Mata’s meticulous ways would have pleased Sri Yukteswarji.  In my early years, my feelings were quite sensitive about this, because he never said anything about Sri Yukteswarji appreciating me!   So one day, I said to him, “ Master, isn’t there anything about me that your Guru would have liked?”

He laughed and said lightheartedly, “Oh, if you had been in my guru’s ashram, he would have chastised you just as he did me!”  I knew Guruji was referring to my lapses of attention to little details in what I was doing if my mind became engrossed in deeper thoughts.

Later in my room, I thought about this, “Well, it is nice that Guruji says I am like him,” I told myself.  “But still, I am not totally satisfied.  Surely Sri Yukteswarji would find something worthwhile in me!”  I sat down in front of my little altar, with the pictures of our Gurus on it, and meditated.  Sri Yukteswarji and I had a mental discussion.  I guess you could say that I had it out with him!  You can do that when you have a loving, trusting relationship.  I told him that I was feeling, and that I wanted to know if he had any love for me.

As I continued to meditate and pour out my heart to him, suddenly I felt such bliss, such blessing coming from Sri Yukteswarji’s image in the altar photo.  From that moment on my consciousness toward him forever changed, I felt his great divine love.   And I told myself, “ I know beyond all doubt that Sri Yukteswarji loves me.”   Divine assurance is indisputable when it comes through meditation.

extract from “Three Qualities That Lead to Inner Freedom,”  Sri Daya Mata, YSS magazine

                             Sri Daya Mataji adorns Gurus’ altar with flower petals

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