“The Lion Has Left His Cage,” SRI YUKTESWAR’S Mahasamadhi, Yogananda’s Letters ~ Bro. Jayananda

Great souls are more than human.  They have such divinity.  In a letter from Master to Rajarsi dated March 17th [1936], written in Ranchi just 9 days after Sri Yukteswar left his body, we can hear the pain and humanness in his expression, the tremendous love and sense of loss he was feeling.


“In spite of all wisdom and perception, I feel very lonely since our Guruji Swami Sri Yukteswar Giriji left us.  Now you know, beloved one, what consolation you have given me, what gratefulness you have won from me and Guruji for being the divine instrument of making it possible for me to come here and pay to him my last respects on earth.  I wrote you, “Guruji is planning to give up his body.  Perhaps I can stay him.”  I had it all planned to go on March 6 to Puri where he was residing, but God didn’t let me lest I pray to keep him here.  Instead, I started to go on March 8, and I was prevented.  Then I went on March 9 and arrived at Puri March 10 morning, only to see his lifeless body in samadhi posture.  According to custom I had to bury his body in the ashram grounds.  The body which had reflected omnipresent wisdom lay lifeless before me mocking, “I didn’t let you pray for me.”

”On March 9, 7 p.m., our Guruji left his body; and about that time he intimated to me of his departure.  Also on the train I saw two tunnels of light and his astral self telling me of his departure.  Though since his departure I have been seeing him all of the time, practically, still it is a great, great shock that I won’t ever be able to show you and Mt. Washington devotees Swami Sri Yukteswarji in body.  He had told me, “If I live through March (Bengali Chaitra month), I will live longer.”  When I had asked him to see an American lady from California, he replied, “I won’t see her now, nor anyone else in this life.”  I know there would have been a great battle if I was present at the time of his passing.  I wrote a letter to him asking him not to give up his body, but the people through whom I sent it did not read it to him. Guruji was slightly feverish for five days. His fever left in the end; and while his body seemed perfectly well, he left in samadhi.

Sri Yukteswar mahasamadhi Master2_Fotor
Yoganandaji with Sri Yukteswarji’s body in mahasamadhi pose

“If there were words, I would write to you how I feel about the material disappearance of Master.  Imagine, the Lord God did not want me to pray lest He have to grant my prayer or deny it.  The lion has left his cage, the lion whose roar of wisdom kept me undergoing a thousand privations and demands of organization work.  If I could weep, I would feel relieved.  If I would cry, the gods would cry with me.  If I had a thousand mouths, I would say India lost one of the greatest in wisdom.  But the saddest of all is I could not show him you.”

Sri Yukteswar was a tremendous incarnation of wisdom.  In another three letters to Rajarsi, Master wrote:

“You must have received my cablegram via Los Angeles announcing the passing of our lord (Swami Sri Yukteswar) on March 9.  If I could cry I would feel relieved.  I am sorry for all.  Eternity has sealed his lips to most human ears.  I am sad, even though I see him at every turn of my gaze.  He was one of the wisest men, greater in exposition of wisdom than Shankara as far as I know.  When comes such another?  I am remembering all the divine play and communion he had with me. I can hardly think anything else these days than of all his untold gifts of upliftment given to me.  I saw many teachers, but none like our lord who was a spiritual lion, never bending, ever aflame with wisdom.”

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extract from “The Eternal Blessings of a True Guru,” Brother Jayananda

Brother Jayananda

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