“The Christ Consciousness – The Universality of Religion” ~ Dr. M.W. Lewis

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That which can be Universally realized by all, the Bliss of God

…Religion, as you know, means that which binds us to God…There must be some common ground, some Universal, common element, whereby all religions must meet, or can meet.  There must be some common, sustaining, solacing, element, which soothes the Soul.  That’s the Universality of religion.  Not the outward form.  Not the dogma, dogmatic form; and not the creed.  It’s that which can be Universally realized by all, and accepted as all.  That is the Universality of religion, and that’s what we all must find.  And we do not find it in the outward form of religion. ….

God is One, and all things have come from Him.  All things were made by Him.  You, I, and all things come from the One Substance.  The One Eternal Substance, and that is the Universality. …

God, the One is…the Cause and End of all things…The pragmatic aspect must be something Universally True to all, Universally Necessary to all, and something that saves us from pain, and suffering, and something in which all our troubles will vanish, all dualities of consciousness will vanish, all inequalities will be leveled off; and that one thing is Bliss, the Bliss of God.  So Master has characterized God as Ever-conscious, Blissful, Eternal-existence. … Sat, Chit, Ananda. Hindu philosophy says, ‘Ever-conscious, Blissful, Existence’.

Look within, above the outward form of religion

Now, going on just bit here to another point about this Universality of religion.  There have been many attempts to bring this about; to find a Universal, common, pragmatic ground upon which all religions can meet.  This was attempted in 1893 when the great Vivekananda came to America to the Congress of Religions in Chicago. And after that, finding that he brought something different, then the religious heads, or those heads of the different branches of religion, got together to try and find a common ground where they all could meet, a Universal Necessity.

So, what did they do? They tried to find this by combining the tenets, and the customs, and the conventions of the various outward forms of religion, you see.  Well, you cannot do that.  It’s impossible to do that.  You cannot find that in the outward form, because the outward form depends on outward consciousness, while the Bliss of God comes of Itself, through the Power of Intuition, and cannot be known by outward consciousness.  The roads will help you to reach that high state of Unity with God’s Presence.  The road is necessary…But we must not stop on the road, and forget our destination, which is to be one with God.  We must reach that Universality of religion, which is the Great Bliss of God.

Now, the ancients knew how to find that One Universal Necessity of all.  But it has been lost in the dark ages.  It was reserved, then, for the few.  So these gentlemen, after 1893, were trying to find that, and got together.  But they couldn’t quite find it, because they were looking in the wrong place.  They should have looked within, above the outward form of religion.

court-of-all-religions all five monuments
               Court of Religions, SRF Lake Shrine, monuments to the five major world religions

Techniques which the ancients used for God contact

Now, in 1920, when the Master came with his Self-Realization, he brought the techniques which the ancients used for God contact.  That’s all.  And through a special dispensation of God, it is made fairly easy for peoples of all colors, races, and creeds to know the way to that one Universal Necessity, the Bliss of God.  It is easy, if you will follow it, and do it.  And so, when the Master came, he gave us the channel whereby all who will, irrespective of color, race, or creed can contact the Universal Light of God.   And you’ll know you’re in that Presence of God by the Bliss you feel. ….

Now, I don’t mean the ordinary consciousness of pleasure.  Not that…that depends on outward objects, or outward, or other personalities.  But the Bliss of God is something different.  It does not depend upon any outward object, or person.  It comes of itself.  Naturally, it is the emanation of the Great Cosmic Consciousness of God, God Himself, manifesting as the Holy Ghost, known to you as Bliss, and, if you are developed, as the Light of God at the Christ Center. …

When you feel the Bliss of His Presence, you know He is with you.   And also a Glorious Vision of Light comes when you are in the Bliss of God, if you persevere.  A Glorious Vision of Light, which is the Great Cosmic Light, which is that which God created in the beginning: “In the beginning God created light, and from that light all things have come.”  And so, if you feel the Bliss, persevere, persevere with your techniques and meditations, merge in it more, and more.  Someday, as Lahiri Mahasaya says, “Striving, striving, striving,” that glorious Vision of Light will come. ….

Christ Consciousness: the common meeting ground

Now you see, if we tried to unite on other things, for instance, the followers of Krishna, and the followers of Mohammed, and the followers of Christ, they cannot unite on the outward form of religion.  The followers of Krishna will not be satisfied by following the Christian religion.  And the followers of Mohammed will not be satisfied by following the Hindu religion.  Nor many of the Christians, will they be satisfied by following the religion of Krishna, or the religion of Mohammed.  But, they will be satisfied, no matter what religion they are, if they follow the Universal aspect above the outward form, the Universal aspect of Lord Krishna’s religion, or Mohammed’s religion, of Jesus Christ’s religion.   And what is that?  That is the Christ Consciousness, which Krishna manifested; which Mohammed manifested; and which Jesus manifested.  Jesus, the Christ.  That’s the Universality of religion.  And everyone can unite on that common ground: the Christ Consciousness, the end of the road, which is beyond the outward form of religion.

That’s why all attempts to unite people of the various religions have failed, because they have not united on the common ground, which is above the outward form...Krishna had Christ Consciousness. Mohammed had Christ Consciousness. Jesus, the Christ. That’s the common meeting ground…in that Christ Consciousness, characterized by Bliss, lies the Universality of religion.

excerpts from “The Universality of Religions,” San Diego, 7.24-55

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