YSS BEGINS: Yogananda’s Dihika Ashram School, 1917

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“Remember,” [Sri Yukteswar] had said slowly, “that he who rejects the usual worldly duties can justify himself only by assuming some kind of responsibility for a much larger family.”   The ideal of right education for youth had always been very close to my heart.  I saw clearly the arid results of ordinary instruction, aimed at the development of body and intellect only.  Moral and spiritual values, without whose appreciation no man can approach happiness, were yet lacking in the formal curriculum.  I determined to found a school where young boys could develop to the full stature of manhood.  My first step in that direction was made with seven children at Dihika, a small country site in Bengal.

Autobiography of a Yogi, Chapter 27,  “Founding A Yoga School At Ranchi”

DihikaUnderTree Yoganandaji meditating underneath a tree by the side of the pond during his visit to Dihika, 18.12.1935

Dihika Ashram School : The Story behind Yoganandaji’s first Ashram School 

Paramahansa Yogananda has narrated very briefly in his ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’ (Chapter – 27) the setting up of his first Brahmacharya Vidyalaya at Dihika in 1917. In fact, the description is confined to a single sentence only. But the background details are not that brief and should be known to all and sundry because this school was the seed that sprouted into many branches to become an worldwide organization in the subsequent years. (continued) ….  (click on above link for BEAUTIFUL story of DIHIKA)

Dihika Conservation Project (2012)

YSS Dihika Conservation Project 2012 50 Fotor

Dihika Conservation Project (2012) – The small village of Dihika…is the site where Gurudeva planted the seed of Yogoda Satsanga Brahmacharya Vidyalaya in March  1917.  A meditation hall was inaugurated at this holy site last year; and this year, a two-storeyed Guest House with the capacity to house twenty four guests, has been completed.

In addition, a Smriti Sthal has been constructed at the very spot where our beloved Gurudeva sat and meditated during his visit to this place in 1935-36.  The original floor on which Guruji sat is protected with a glass panel; and the pond that has existed since then,  has also been repaired to preserve its original look.  In addition, gazebos, meditation gardens, and pathways are being added to beautify the sacred environs.

100 Years of YSS Centenary Celebration, Dihika, March 22, 2017

cenentary celebration dihika procession_crop Fotor_Fotor
Paramahansa Yogananda honored in procession
monastics at dihika 100 anniversary 50
Monastics attend 100 year celebration



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