Stories of Daya Ma, Bro. Bhaktananda and Master ~ Bro. Jayananda

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Albert Einstein said, “A problem cannot be solved by the same level of consciousness that created it.”   We must change our consciousness in order to solve the problem.

Om technique: there was a recent newspaper article pinned to one of the bulletin boards at Mother Center about how scientists are trying to actually record the sound of deep space.  The scientists theorize that it would sound like “a deep roar”! (The Aum!)


Daya Mata’s intuition: One of the monks at this retreat was in a bad mood one day.  He happened to walk into a room where Daya Mata was very intent on reading something.  She did not even look up when he came into the room.  But suddenly she asked him, “You okay?”  Ma is so sensitive that she can feel other’s feelings very easily.

Brother Jayananda said that Ma’s intuitive perception and depth of humility and compassion, as well as her strong will, are fully manifest.  One time she visited his office and just casually looked at an 8 foot florescent tubing light suspended above, and asked if it was okay.  Brother said, yes, he thought it was, but later got a maintenance monk to raise a ladder and check it out.  The monk did, and as he gave the huge fixture a slight tug, it came down in his hand, but he caught it.  Ma just intuitively knew something was wrong, and saved them from a great catastrophe.

In 1986 on the day that the Challenger spaceship was just about to blast off, some nuns were watching the countdown on TV.  Ma happened to walk by and when she saw what they were watching, she asked them to turn the TV off, and she said to them, “They shouldn’t go up today, they shouldn’t go up today!”  Fifteen minutes later, the Challenger blew up, just after blast off.

Brother Jayananda also related how one time a very renowned astrologer wrote to Daya Ma, requesting her time of birth, etc, so he could draw up her chart.  Brother said she seemed to fill with divine power and exclaimed, “I will NOT be limited by the stars!”


Brother Jayananda told many stories about his time spent in India with Brother Bhaktananda, and related stories that Brother Bhaktananda had told his about his days with Master.  One sweet story was about how Brother Bhaktananda practiced the presence of God by repeating, mentally, a short devotional phrase.  At one point, he was using “I love you Master.”   He prayed this day and night.  One time Brother B. was working in the gardens at Mother Center.  Master saw him, as he drove by in a car.  Master stopped the car near Brother B. and just said, “I love you too, Michael.” (Brother Bhaktananda’s name was Michael)

Brother Jayananda, from  2000 SRF Retreat,  devotees notes


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