Paramahansaji Story and the Prophecy of the SRF Altanta Temple

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Altar photo from Atlanta Temple dedication, 2000


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A Divine Friendship Beyond Time: Paramahansa Yogananda and Mary Lou Edwards

“A minister first recommended we carry A Divine Friendship Beyond Time, and after reading it we know why. We couldn’t put it down – it is totally charming and engaging. The story of Mary Lou Edwards, a lady from Atlanta, Georgia and her “unexpected” meetings with Paramahansa Yogananda in 1945, is extraordinary and full of surprises. Her story includes miraculous events and the prophecy by Paramahansa Yogananda of a temple to be built in Atlanta in her lifetime that will serve his work. No Self-Realization Fellowship library is complete without this title.

“The book also includes a lovely brief history of the building of the Atlanta Temple, complete with nice color photos. It is a magnificent temple – they don’t do things by half in Atlanta. If you ever dream of one day building an SRF temple, then read this book and you will be encouraged to start planning now!”

About the author:

“This story was recorded and published thanks to…a long-time devotee of the Atlanta group. He first met Mary Lou Edwards in 1973 and had the privilege of hearing her stories many times. Not only did [he] record the details of her meetings with Yoganandaji and the prediction that a temple would be built, but he then became very involved fulfilling that prophecy – you could say that he helped build the last chapter.

“Note: All profits from this book will be donated to help support the Atlanta Center of Self-Realization Fellowship”

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“The Guru Never Forgets a Service”

Brother Atmananda visited the meditation group in Atlanta some years ago and had the privilege of meeting a woman who had known Master.  Her name was Mary Lou.  She was a “southern bell”, very outspoken and opinionated, never became a disciple, but she had a remarkable story about Master.

Back when Master was living in Encinitas,  Mary Lou was on a vacation trip with her baby from her home in Atlanta to California, and she heard Master lecture in San Francisco.  Later, as she traveled south and neared San Diego she remembered there was a hermitage in Encinitas and decided to try to find it and pay a visit to Master.  She drove through town, but had no success in finding the hermitage, and finally decided to move on.  But then a strong impulse came that she should try one more time and as she circled around town once more she felt drawn to stop the car and ask a woman for directions.

This woman happened to be pushing a baby carriage, and when Mary Lou pulled the car over, the woman told her that Master had been expecting her for dinner.  Mary Lou expressed her doubt that she was the person they were looking for, but the woman was quite insistent that indeed she was.  The woman reached over and picked up Mary Lou’s baby, put the baby in the carriage, and before Mary Lou knew what was happening she was being led through the doors of the hermitage and into the dining room where there were a whole lot of people and Master at the head of the table.   She felt quite certain there would follow embarrassment for all when they realized she was not the person they were waiting for.  There was an empty chair beside Master and he motioned for her to sit there.

He told her, “You gave me a lot of trouble.  I had to work very hard to get you to turn your car around.”  Later he told her that in a previous life she had been his teacher (he did not say what she had taught him).  Then he told her that he would like to grant her 3 wishes.

Believe it or not, these were her wishes:  She said she always wanted curly hair.  Master said okay, and after that her hair started growing in curly and was curly for the rest of her life.  She said she always wished she could wake up early in the morning and feel refreshed.  Master said okay and ever after that she always did.  Then she said she would like to have a million dollars.  Master shook his head and said, “I think what you really want is to have enough so that you are never in want.”  She agreed that was true and ever after that she was always materially comfortable.

The dinner was, in fact, in her honor and the wishes granted were in gratitude for her previous service as his teacher.  (The guru never forgets a service.)

Master also told her at that time that there would be a temple in Atlanta within her own lifetime.  Several years ago that temple came into being, just a few months before Mary Lou passed on.

Brother Atmananda, weekend retreat, 2002, devotee notes


A brief history of how the “Temple 2000″ was built in Atlanta…








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