EVELINA GLANZMANN, Direct Disciple, “She Earned Her Place at the Feet of God…”

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Pictured above standing second from left, under photo of Paramahansaji

Evelina Glanzmann was one of the earliest Italian disciples of Paramahansa Yogananda. Mrs. Glanzmann had enrolled for the Self-Realization Fellowship Lessons in 1951 and corresponded with Paramahansaji before his mahasamadhi; later that year she translated his Autobiography of a Yogi into Italian, thus becoming instrumental in the spread of his teachings in her country.

Ever selflessly active in aiding her Guru’s cause, Mrs. Glanzmann was loved and revered by thousands of SRF members in Italy, whom she served devotedly as a meditation counselor.  Over the years, she lived at the SRF Mother Center for several extended periods while working on Italian translations of other SRF publications.

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EVELINA GLANZMANN with Italian devotees Rome, 1969

Sri Daya Mata: “She was a wonderful soul whose life was deeply dedicated to serving God and to helping all who came to her door…Even during her later years, when she was having difficulty with her health, her first concern was always how she could serve and help others.  Just a short time before her passing she wrote to me, and it was characteristic that her letter was not about herself but requested prayers for people she felt were in particular need.  Concerning her own situation, she wrote only: `I thank God for everything He gives me.’  This truly expresses her spirit of surrender and faith in Him.  Through her selfless and understanding ways, she certainly won the hearts of many.   She has earned her place at the feet of God, as well as a special place in our own hearts.”

Self-Realization magazine, Spring, 1998


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from Self-Realization magazine, Spring, 1998, Photo added