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Brother Bhaktananda

Master is my Father, Mother, and Friend.  That is the reason why talking to Master, provides me with the inner strength and guidance.

Master is with me and I am with him.  I adore him and he adores me.  I need him and he needs my cooperation, for it is his job to bring me back to God.  He is I; I am he.

I seek to be with Him and He seeks to be with me for we are one and inseparable.  His guidance is always with me; it is pure for he always has my best interest in mind.

He is my greatest well wisher, my Father, Mother, Friend, and my perfect guide in all situations, at all times, anywhere, everywhere.  He is with me; I am with him.  He loves me and I love Him.

I can never be alone for Master is always with me; we are one.  How fortunate I am to have Master.  He is my perfect well wisher.

He helps me when I need help.  He guides me when I need guidance.  He gives me ideas when I know not what to do.  He is my closest Father, Mother, Friend, and he is with me at all times.

He is my truest Father, Mother, Friend for he has no personal motive except to bring me back to God.

from a devotee email forward

                               Brothers Bhaktananda, Anilananda, Bimalananda

Bro. Bhaktananda appears in the body after his death

Dear Friends,

Brother Bhaktananda’s younger sister has reported seeing Brother Bhaktananda in the flesh twice since his passing.

He came to her the day that he passed on and told her, “I am OK. I am not dead.  Tell everyone I am OK.”  (April 4, 2005)

He came again a few months later and told her, “I am working with children and I have never been happier.  Tell everyone that I am with them all of the time now.”

At one of these visits, Brother’s sister woke up and Brother Bhaktananda was standing at the foot of her bed.

Jai Guru.

a devotee note from an email forward in 2006

Birthday of Master,50 Fotor

Bro. Bhaktananda on Paramahansaji’s Birthday

The Guru

I wanted to share a little more…. 🙂 Sometime ago I shared these with a friend and now would like to post it here.  I remember just a few things though, perhaps you have heard them before.

On Master’s birthday a couple of weeks ago, Bro. Bhaktananda conducted the devotional service and he mentioned to us that the reason why his services and duties at the temple were cut down was because Daya Ma had asked him to write down all his memories of the years with Master, and the years in the ashram (63).

In this service he said he would share a couple of stories or things he remembered Master told him, saying that Master said many things that he didn’t write down.

Brother said that Master said He enters our brains at night….but…he said that if we have any negation he is not able to stay…this is why it is very important to keep positive.

Brother said that God assigns devotees to a Guru and the Guru will keep coming back until each one has returned to God.  Master already had joy and everything but he could not be happy knowing that there are so many who do not, and who are suffering.  He was so unselfish that he would rather came back in this world to help devotees than to enjoy God alone.

In speaking about how Master comes to make himself known to the devotee…finding him he retold a story of the devotee in Germany (a sister of one of our German brahmacharis).  This devotee went to a spa and there was this lady there who she struck a conversation with.   She mentioned how her brother lived in Los Angeles and the lady responded: Is he in Self-Realization Fellowship?  The sister said, ‘yes, how do you know?’ and the lady said that she was in SRF and had an interesting experience that brought her to the path.  She was walking down a street, in her home town, which is a very small and unknown town when she suddenly saw a Hindu man walking by her.  This was an unusual sight in such a town so as he was walking by she took a very good look at him.  Some time later someone gave her the AY…and there on the cover she recognized THE HINDU that she had seen walking down the street pass her.  It was only recent that this happened: 1996!  Brother went on to say that Master may not necessarily show himself to us because we are already on the path 🙂 but he does these things to devotees who are to come sometimes.

He also told us a story of the lady who was traveling in the plane and was feeling very fearful…so this devotee closed her eyes and then concentrated on the spiritual eye until she could not feel herself in the plane anymore or hear the plane and felt the presence of God and all her fear disappeared.  In this state she looked outside her window and she saw this big ball of white light with coloured lights around the edges following the plane…side by side and then she saw Krishna in a light, ….(Krishna was about 18 inches big)  (Master’s can make themselves any size.)  After a while the ‘state’ she was feeling subsided and she could feel herself back in the plane, Krishna’s image disappeared but the light remained and continued to followed the plane…side by side.

Brother said that one time…the first celebration of Master’s birthday, Rajarsi had been sleeping and Master came to him and pulled him up (out of the body) and took him to the astral…where there too his birthday was being celebrated.  Brother said that when we are in the astral, we will continue to celebrate Master’s birthday just as we do here…and that we continue our spiritual efforts there just the same as here.

Another thing that kind of got me in the heart was that Dr. Lewis had told Brother….A Guru’s life is a lonely life, (which really surprised me!) and he explained that the reason for this is that in this world there are very few at the same level as the Guru, he understood that people didn’t fully understand him, (as in the depth of his divine wisdom) and that on that level he didn’t really have anyone to converse with.  (I guess we are just like little children….)

This is all that I remember from that service.  It wasn’t a very long talk because of the devotional ceremony of his birthday.

Brother is spending a lot of time writing this book.  We have much to look forward to, don’t we 🙂

God bless you all

Devotee note posted to a devotee message board, 01/27/2004


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