ASTROLOGY – Yogananda’s Teachings and a Daya Mata Story

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Brother Jayananda Answers a Satsanga Question on Astrology

Q. We have seen a resurgence of interest in Vedic astrology.  What was Master’s advice about consulting an astrologer?

A. We read in  Autobiography of a Yogi that Sri Yukteswar told Master to wear an astrological bangle.  There is tremendous truth in astrology.  But it is too vast to grasp unless one has profound realization.  It is from a higher age.  It is not necessarily based on wisdom unless you find someone with tremendous understanding.  Master wrote in his Autobiography, “Faith in divine protection, and right use of man’s God-given will, are forces more formidable than are influences flowing from the heavens.”

We can overcome whatever is flowing toward us.  Putting those negative destiny thoughts in your mind – be careful – don’t become sidetracked in these little offshoots.  We are seeking God, and we must believe in our God-given will.  Relying on astrological forecasts may put negative thoughts in your mind.  Don’t get side-tracked.  Instead give importance to keep going toward the goal.

Brothers told a story:   His job for a time was to take dictation from Daya Mata.  One time Ma was at her desk reading a letter.  Brother had seen the letter beforehand and was wondering how Ma would react to it.  The letter was from a well-known astrologer.  He asked for Ma’s date of birth and offered to do an astrological reading for her.  Ma finished reading the letter and then she threw it across the table at Brother and said, “You tell him I will not be bound by astrology!”

That is the guru’s teachings – it’s not going to affect me.  Brother said the force from Ma was so strong – it reminded him of a little cartoon that was posted for a while on a bulletin board at Mother Center that showed a fellow sitting in an easy chair next to some audio speakers – his hair was flying back and his tie was flapping behind him from the force of the speakers. Brother said, “That’s how I felt sitting in front of Ma.” (Laughter from the audience)

from devotee notes


Paramahansa Yogananda’s Teachings on Astrology

“…you must always remember that God’s influence is the supreme influence.  You must commune with God so that all planetary forces will automatically harmonize with you.  That is the true meaning of spiritualizing astrology.

“Your karma (past actions) was once governed by your will power.  Its lawful effects seem irrevocable.  But the effects of past actions can be changed by seeking God.  Unless you remember that, you can’t spiritualize astrology.  God is Joy.  If you can hold your happiness during all the events in your life, then you are above the influence of the stars.  If you can retain your smile in spite of everything, that is awakening the consciousness of Divinity within you.  Immediately the stars will smile with you.  They can’t shed their evil rays on you.  This is spiritual astrology.”   from SRF magazine


God Talks With Arjuna: The Bhagavad Gita, Chapter III, Verse 11

“The astrological stars of a person are nothing but an environment that he himself has chosen by the karmic pattern he has fashioned by his past-life actions.  According to this karmic pattern he is attracted to be reborn on earth at a given time that is favorable to the fulfillment of that pattern.  In that sense, astrology is only a very poor way of finding out what one’s past karma is.  It is at best an unsure art when practiced by those who lack divine intuitive perception.  I wrote at length about this in Autobiography of a Yogi, ‘Outwitting the Stars.’

“As commonly calculated today, an astrological chart is drawn for a person according to the time and place of birth; even a slight inaccuracy in this data affects the accuracy of the chart.  Further, one is actually ‘born’ at the moment of conception, when the soul enters the first cell of its new body.  One’s karmic pattern has already begun to unfold at that instant.  The intuition of wise men, such as my guru Sri Yukteswarji, who was masterful in astrology as the divine science it was intended to be, knows how to factor this “birth at conception” into calculating a horoscope.

“…it is beneficial to follow certain astrological injunctions, based on the mathematical or orderly nature of the unified cosmos–if such advice is received from Self-realized sages, and not from the superficial professional caster of horoscopes.

“Horoscopes tend to influence and paralyze the free choice of man’s inherent divine-will-to-conquer.  Further, intuition is needed to read correctly the messages of the heavens and to interpret their significance in relation to one’s individual karma.  For guidance and support it is far better to appeal to God and His angelic agents.*  Why look to the mute stars?   From them man can receive neither sympathetic response to his plight, nor personal succor in the form of divine grace.

“When one is following God’s path, to give too much thought to such lesser sciences as astrology is a hindrance.  The highest way to create the right influences in one’s life, the yogi’s way, is to commune with God.  All stars bow down before the presence of God.

“By meditation the yogi reinforces the positive spiritual power in the cerebrospinal centers that are acted upon by the planetary influences. In this way, the yogi harmonizes body and mind with the universal laws and God’s divine cosmic agents who govern them.”

[*an interesting passage on “God and His angelic agents” follows this passage]



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