A Letter Master Wrote to Ananda Mata ~ Bro. Santoshananda

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Brother Shantoshananda said, “I would like to read part of a letter Master wrote to Daya Mata’s sister, Ananda Mata.  In truth it is addressed to each one of us.”  (Complete letter is in Summer 1984 SRF Magazine)

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The letter begins: “You must never lose courage. Divine Mother sent me to pilot you out of the clouds of your mind.”

Master was so spiritually poetic and he goes straight to the point.  Our mind is clouded–it’s like looking through a cobweb.  Our mind is like a restless, drunken monkey who has been stung by a scorpion.  (laughter from the audience)  The guru comes to free us – free our consciousness.   Master said that ninety percent of our thoughts today are the same ones we had yesterday, and they will be the same thoughts that we will have tomorrow.  The guru comes to get us out of here.  He says, “I want to help you.”  Gyanamata said, “The spiritual path is nothing else but to free ourselves from our own mind.” …

Master said, “Divine Mother is testing us.  But She cannot delude me anymore – I know all her tricks.”  She is challenging you – saying to you, “What do you want?  Me or My gifts?  The Giver or the gifts?”  We have freedom of choice all the time.

Letter continued: “Your troubles I do not mind. I will never give up my job about you.”

Are we acknowledging that?  Do we acknowledge that we are never alone?

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Ananda Mata, right, with Yogananda and Daya Mata

Letter continued: “Never for a moment identify yourself with momentary flashes of error.”

Master used the word ‘never’ so many times!  A true guru sees our mistakes as ‘momentary flashes of error.’  Nothing is permanent, so we mustn’t identify ourselves with our mistakes – or we become the problem!

Letter continued: “Do not make life discouraged and tired, but be ever interested in doing for Divine Mother, no matter if wars, sickness and death dance around you. That is the secret of victory over delusion and all troubles.”

Keep serving God and guru, no matter what happens out there.  We are constantly bombarded by the things of the world – by TV, newspapers, Internet – and we become identified with what’s out there.  Don’t be distracted.  Do all for Divine Mother for victory over delusion– that is the secret – that is the key.  No matter what, stay tuned to Divine Mother.

Letter continued:  “I will give you lots of good karma, so you will get through.  I will not only ever forgive you, but ever lift you up no matter how many times you fall.  Be cut to pieces, but never give up.  Be a divine leech – suck at the blood of wisdom even though torn to bits.  A smooth life is not a victorious one.  I am not building a mansion for you, or giving you riches that will perish; but I am making an imperishable home with all riches for you in my Divine Mother’s mansion.”

Master is saying, I am here for your soul.  Only your soul no matter what– nothing else.  My only role is that I am your guru – I will be here for you no matter what – to help you go back home.

Indeed, the blessings of our guru are unceasing.  We see that through this work his spirit is moving all around the world.  His spirit is what animates it and keeps it alive, even through the ups and downs of the world.  Daya Mata is a beautiful example of compassion and of keeping his spirit living, keeping it alive.  No one would be here tonight if Master hadn’t touched our lives – this evening would not exist.  Master’s teaching is kept alive by his spirit. …

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‘Footprints in the Sand’ story

There is a familiar story called ‘Footprints in the Sand’.  It’s a story about the guru/disciple relationship and about our doubts about his presence, his guidance.  He is ever on our side with us.  We are walking with the guru:

One night a man had a dream.  He dreamed he was walking along the beach with his guru.  Across the sky flashed scenes from his life, and for each scene he noticed two sets of footprints in the sand, one belonging to him and the other to his guru.  But he noticed that during the very lowest and saddest times in his life, there was only one set of footprints.  This really bothered the man and he questioned his guru about it.  “Master, you said that you’d walk with me all the way, but I have noticed that during the most troublesome times in my life there is only one set of footprints.  I don’t understand why, when I needed you most, did you leave me?”  His guru replied, “My precious child, I love you and I would never leave you.  During your times of trial and suffering, when you see only one set of footprints in the sand – those were the times when I carried you.” …

Often we don’t know that Master is with us – we don’t acknowledge it.  But Master wrote in one of his poems, “I will walk by your side invisible and unknown, and guard you with invisible arms.”  (from ‘When I am Only a Dream’)

And there is a second part of the story of the footprints:

The footprints kept going, and in time they came to some sand dunes.  The man saw that now there were footprints all over, everywhere, and he asked the Master, “Why so many footprints?”, to which the guru answered, “Because that is when we danced!”

Jai Guru.

from “The Guru’s Unconditional Love and Friendship,” Brother Santoshananda, devotee notes

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Brother Santoshananda


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