“Do Not Be Discouraged” ~ Paramahansaji letter to a devotee

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“Do Not Be Discouraged”


God loves the one He beats or tests most_Fotor

[Paramahansa Yogananda wrote the letter shown opposite to a devotee who was going through a difficult period of physical suffering.  The message, in Paramahansaji ’s handwriting, is on display in the library at the Mother Center.  Over the years we have received numerous requests for copies of this inspiring and helpful message, so we are happy to make it available by publishing it in Self-Realization magazine.  The Guru is alluding to a principle he often cited:  God will never allow one to be tested more than he is able to bear or to conquer.  Thus does He love most the child who in spite of severe tests remains steadfast in his love for God, even as Christ’s love for the Heavenly Father remained constant though his body was suffering crucifixion. ]

God loves the one He beats or tests most HANDWRITTEN_Fotor

June 3, 1949

Please affirm:

“I am healed in the castle of His presence.”

Please do not be discouraged.  God tested Christ by crucifying the body itself—and other saints with severe maladies.  God loves the child He beats or tests most.  God is testing your determination to wholly love Him and work for Him.  Soon it will be over—it will be behind you.  Love God more than ever with kindness to all—ever firm in Him.

With boundless blessings,

One in Him


from Self-Realization magazine, Summer, 1990