In death there is no pain; the astral realm of light ~ Bro. Bhaktananda

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In death there is no pain

The SRF books and lessons explain that advanced yogis are spiritual scientists – they can experience death without dying.   Saint Paul said, “I die daily,” not literally, but he was able to die spiritually through meditation, which leads to knowledge of life and death. …

We may fear death because we think it will be a painful experience.  We may have a disease which is very painful and think that more pain will come as we die.  But once death begins, there is no pain.

There was an Indian doctor who had his practice near a jungle and it was not uncommon for him to treat people who had been mauled by tigers or bitten by cobras.  But they all said the same thing – they felt no pain and no fear.  Nature takes care of us.  Those in tune with God don’t have fear.

Dr. William Hunter, a physician and scientist, whispered to a loved one at death, “If I had strength to hold a pen I would write down how easy and pleasant a thing it is to die.”

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The astral realm of light

At death we go to a realm of light in the astral body.  Evil people go to the darker regions of the astral – they have a choice and they choose darkness, because that is what they want.  The astral plane is beautiful.  Atheists think death is the end of existence, but boy are they going to be surprised!  (Laughter)

Saint Paul said, “There is a natural body and there is a spiritual body.”  He was speaking of this body of light, the spiritual body, or astral body.

Saint Paul

Everything is light – there is water, but you can’t drown; fire but you can’t burn; because it is all light.  This material world seems like paper mache, dull and lifeless, after experiencing the astral which is so vibrant.  Thomas Edison whispered as he neared death, “It’s beautiful over there.”  There is no pain, no bills to pay, no slaving eight hours a day, no limitations.  Anything you want is always available so you…

Loved ones who leave us at death are sad only because we who are left back in the physical are grieving – they don’t like those painful vibrations they receive from the loved ones they left behind.

There is a story of a man, a novelist, who lived so high on the hog that he was always financially broke.  He even tried to borrow money from his uncle.  Finally, his uncle died and left him a good sum of money.  The man wrote to his friends, “Last night my uncle and I passed onto a better life.” (Laughter) …

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The gurus will usher you into the astral

Master said that many devotees have seen proof of life after death by the appearances of Lahiri Mahasaya and Sri Yukteswar to them after they had already left the body.  After Master left the body, in Germany there was a woman walking down the street and she noticed the unusual sight of a Hindu approaching her.  Then some time later she read Master’s autobiography, and recognized it had been Paramahansa Yogananda she had seen on the street.

After Master had left the body, there was a man, raised a Christian, who attended church every week, but he did not understand the scriptures.  He prayed and prayed for understanding of the scriptures.  Then one day, inwardly he heard, “Pray to Paramahansa Yogananda.”  Soon after, he found Autobiography of a Yogi.  Master had power over life and death.  Master told Rajarsi Janakananda that he would pass away at the Biltmore after an Indian banquet – fifteen years before it happened!

Meditate and don’t look for results, or you won’t have them.  Just do what you have to do every day.  Keep on meditating to the best of your ability.  Our guru gives us a great consolation, “When a sincere devotee calls on me at the time of death, I or one of the gurus will come and will usher you consciously into the astral at the time of death – even if you are not highly developed.”

We are very much blessed – may Master bless us all.

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excerpts from Understanding the Mystery of Life and Death,  Brother Bhaktananda, 2003, devotee notes

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