Bro. Dharmananda, “I feel the Aum as bliss in every cell” ~ Monastic Anecdotes

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Brother Achalananda

We don’t realize to what extent that changing ourselves will affect others.

(center l-r) Bros. Bimalananda, Dharamananda, Achalananda

Brother said, “When I was still working at McDonnell-Douglas, a friend of mine at work asked me after I’d been practicing the Lessons for about six months, “Hey, what do I have to do to get those lessons?”

“Why do you ask?” I inquired. He told me, “Anything that can change you that much in six months I have to find out about.”  (Laughter)  And he did … and he’s now Brother Dharmananda!  (Laughter)

“For many years I never asked Brother Dharmananda what change he saw in me, but finally one day at Hidden Valley I asked him.  He smiled and said, ‘I saw you weren’t so arrogant anymore and that you were starting to think of others and not just yourself’.”

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Brother Pranabananda

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Master goes on: “…Whatever has its origin in desire is a disturbing element, for desires are like stones pelted into the calm lake of consciousness.  Attachment to pleasure or aversion to pain both destroy the equilibrium of the inner nature.

It doesn’t have to be this way.  We can do two things:

1. Make it an act from selfless love.
2. Act because it’s the right thing to do.

Then we act with a sense of freedom.  Just ask – what’s my motivation?  If we feel we need something from the world, then we act from desire.  Or we can say, “It’s just the show.”

Brother Dharmananda is now in his 80’s.  He is in pain and ill health, but he never complains – he just serves.  And when things are hard and he can’t serve, he doesn’t complain then either.  He told us once, “Do not wish for life to be other than what it is.”  When you can do that, then you have a sense of freedom inside.  It doesn’t mean you do nothing.  No.  The yogi does far more!  He acts vigorously, but out of love.

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Brother Ishtananda

Bro. Dharmananda
I visited Brother Dharmananda before he died.  Brother Dharmananda’s body was not well, yet he continued to lead his meditation groups.  I felt sorry for him, for the pain he was in, but Brother Dharmananda said “I feel the Aum vibrating throughout my body as bliss in every cell.”  I didn’t feel sorry for him after that!  Brother Dharmananda said, “There can be pain and you can still be in joy.”

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