VIDEO: SRF Bro. Achalananda — Spiritual Eye, Kundalini, “Wizard of Oz”

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Spiritual Eye

Well, first you have to get into it (the spiritual eye).  Yeah, first you have to see it and then you have to get into it…you just have to keep after it…two times Guruji showed me this, when I was looking there, and I saw this whole spiritual eye, but like at a 45 degree angle…the whole thing was only about like that (motioning with hands).  I could see here is the opening, there is the golden tunnel…there’s the smaller blue tunnel…there’s the silver star.  I could see the whole thing.  Two times he showed me that.

Now in the astral world you can make anything as big as you want or as small as you want.  Normally when you see it the golden tunnel is about 50 feet…that’s the next big step is to be able to get into that tunnel…First you have to see it.  Then how do you hold it?  You hold it by, as Guruji said, look at whatever light you see right in the center of that light, and just look there with devotion, with love.  Don’t be nervous or upset or try to force anything.   If you look there calmly and deeply enough, basically you’re surrendering to it.   When that becomes deep enough, I think is the way it works, suddenly you’re in it and you don’t even know how you got there.   You don’t know how you got there.   And that…is through devotion.   Once you’re in there, you’re not breathing.

(How do you keep it?)  That’s the big battle, is the thoughts.   That’s why you have the techniques.  You have to learn to sit still.   You can do that, that’s pretty easy. Then you have to still the restless monkey mind.  That’s hard.  That’s what the techniques are for.  You practice that technique with deep attention, and you’ll start stilling this restless mind.  And then you will start to go deep when that happens.

Wizard of Oz movie

How many of you saw the Wizard of Oz, did you ever see that movie? Do you know that the author was a yogi? (Noooo, really?!)  Oh yes!  And did you know he put all kinds of hints, yogic, hints, in that thing?…Yeah, you need to watch it again.

When Dorothy was pulled up into Oz, what happened to her, what caused it?  A tornado, yes, isn’t that very interesting because one thing that happens when the energy starts going up the spine you get caught in the tornado, it whirls.  If you have it happen you’ll never forget it, I’ll tell you that.  Then the consciousness goes up, eventually the consciousness goes up… So she landed in OZ. And the house that went with her crushed the wicked witch, but the shoes were there and she put them on…

Now, what was she told after she got there?  She said ‘I want to go to Oz.’  What was she told?  “Follow the yellow brick road.”  Now what did she see on the yellow brick road?  It started here, then it went out in a circle, and then it went out–that was the spine, follow the spine if you want to get to Oz, get your consciousness in the spine.

wizard of oz 2

Now, what did she meet on the road?  She met three, lets call them individuals, who represented three qualities she had to develop in order to get there.  The first one was a scarecrow, what was he lacking?–a brain, he was lacking a brain.  You have to have intelligence, right?  The second one was what?  Tin man, he wanted a heart.  You have to develop the heart feeling.  What was the last one?  The cowardly lion.  He wanted courage, you have to be courageous to get there.  So when all of them got there with her, then they were able to get there.

And then they found out this guy there, this supposedly avidya thing, he was just putting on a phony act, right? That wasn’t the real guy at all.  So that’s what delusion is…yeah, he’s got a lot of power but in one sense he’s sort of a bluffer, too…

informal satsanga, June 1, 2013

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