Bro. Bimalananda Satsanga ~ “Don’t complain, don’t criticize, don’t condemn…”

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At first Brother’s name was ‘Krishnananda,’ he enjoyed everyone calling him Krishna!  But felt that something was missing.  He then asked Sri Daya Mata if he could change his name and she agreed.  He settled on ‘Bimalananda’;  Bim means ‘clear as divinity itself.’  That’s what he wanted to be.


“During this talk, keep thinking of Master, Master’s presence.”

“It’s ok to close your eyes (during the talk, don’t have to look at him)”

Brother Bimalananda was drawn to the way of the naturopath, (one who lives by nature).

Fasting cures, it healed his brother Angelo of a problem.

“The reason I’m pausing is so you can be in tune with Master.” (he paused throughout the satsanga)

Brother Bhaktananda: “Joe, if you want to stay here, you have got to chant “Om Guru” it’ll keep you going, help you focus, give you strength.

Bro. BimilanandaSmilingPronam 60


Don’t overeat.

Don’t eat too much sugar or salt.

Concentrate on what you’re doing.

I’m going from: my, me, mine; to: Thou, Thee, Thine.

Stop once in a while to do some deep breathing.

Never complain, even mentally, never complain.


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Monks - Copy 60Some monks give talks, others serve in different ways.

Carry out Master’s will.

Don’t let anyone discourage you – Master is still very much with us.

“God, let me feel Thy presence.”

Get your unceasing blessings from God. Don’t ask me! I’m just brother.

When you leave the room, try not to talk.  Go and meditate on Master.

Don’t complain, don’t criticize, don’t condemn.  (Brother stressed this many times during the talk)

Criticizing, complaining and condemning are a trap, they come from the ego.

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close face big smile_Fotor 70Smiling is good, laughter heals.

We come from God, His image of love, light and joy. 

Do what you can for yourself.  Satan is nothing but a test of God. 

God blesses us when we don’t give in to maya.

Unless you’re very evolved, you’re not going to make big leaps on the spiritual path.  Just go step by step.

“When this I shall die, then will I know who am I.”  (Brother mentioned this several times during the talk)

You have found a true Guru and true teachings, stay with it.

MasterBimalanandaYoung 60_Fotor_Fotor
Bro. Bimalananda, left, with Paramahansaji at Lake Shrine, the day before his Mahasamadhi

One time Brother Bimalananda and some other monks asked Rajarsi if he could give them Samadhi.  His reply: “I’ll give you what you can take.”

Who’s helping me?  My Guru – because he knows me best.  Take all your difficulties to Master.

Stick to the path – be glued to it!

Let the past go, it’s only the effort you’re making now that’s important.

Master used to conclude his services with “Glory Hallelujah” (In the beauty of the lilies Christ was born across the sea. As He died to make men holy, let us live to make men free. … )

excerpts, Brother Bimalananda ~ Satsanga August 16th 2009, devotee notes

Bro. Bimilananda