“Look to Divine Mother; look to the Beam…” ~ Yogananda story, Mrinalini Mata

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…One day when [Master] was speaking, dictating about the Gita, about how life was a dream, for many days he was in that consciousness, where over and over again he was giving the analogy that this life isn’t real, don’t take it so seriously.   And he went into meditation, closed his eyes and several of us were sitting there absorbed in what he had been saying.  And he was silent for a long time withdrawn in meditation.

And then he opened his eyes and he began to laugh.  And he laughed so heartily.  Master had a wonderful, very contagious laugh, like every cell of his being would laugh with joy, it was a real joy.  We didn’t know what, but we began laughing, too, and finally one of the devotees said, Master what are you laughing at?

He said, ‘Oh! It is such a joke, it is such a joke Divine Mother is playing on you all.  You think this is so real.  It is not real, it is not real.  Don’t take is so seriously.  It is just a JOKE She is playing on you!’

And then he began to cry, tears of compassion and divine love rolled down his cheeks and he looked around at each one of us and he said, ‘But I feel so sorry for all of you, because to you it is yet real.  Don’t take it so seriously.  Look to the Divine Mother.  Look to the Beam.  That is the only haven of safety.’

And at a later time when he was in his room, he spoke of the time when he would no longer be with us and difficult times that were to come.  And he said, I feel so sorry for all that you all will have to go through when I am gone.  I said to him, Master I can’t understand why anyone can feel attached to this world, would want to remain in desires in this world.  How sweetly, ‘Only to help others get out. We have to want to help others get out.’  Then he looked down at me so sweetly and he said, ‘Remember this.  We have to act as God’s angels, no matter what God does.’  That went right into my soul, and I thought, not always easy to act as an angel of God when all around you seems anything but God.

But that’s what he asked of us.  That’s what the Guru asked of us.

from “In His Presence”—Mrinalini Mata, SRF link

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In this very moving and in-depth talk, SRF/YSS President Sri Mrinalini Mata recounts uplifting and instructive reminiscences, many never before related in public, of her years with Paramahansa Yogananda. She shares unique experiences of the Guru’s blessings for his disciples then and now, and his far-reaching vision for the ongoing fulfillment of the divine dispensation he brought to the world. Contains brief rare motion picture footage of Paramahansa Yogananda and Swami Sri Yukteswar.



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