Stories of the Divine Qualities of God in the Guru ~ Bro. Mokshananda

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excerpts from

Remembrances of the Guru, Paramahansa Yogananda ~ Bro. Mokshananda, CD/download

I mentioned that one of the qualities of an avatar is omniscience.  This is the power to know everything, to know everything that God wants that great instrument to know.  An avatar is one with that omnipresent consciousness, the omniscience of God.  Our Guru manifested that omniscient consciousness.

Our beloved Daya Ma has told about, in 1936, the Master was in India, and she was going through a very severe spiritual test.  There was no one that knew what was going through her heart and her consciousness.   One day a telegram arrived from India, and included in the telegram were these words: “Tell Faye that everything will be alright.”  Our Guru knew.  He knew what was going on in his disciple’s heart. …

Golden Lotus Temple
Site of former Golden Lotus Temple, Encinitas

Not only are great souls omniscient, but they are omnipresent, and they are omnipotent.  Just one illustration of Master’s omnipotence…  In the ashram we have a rule that we do not go swimming in the ocean in Encinitas alone.   And this was started from Master’s time.   But there was one disciple that was quite independent.   He was a big man, and he loved to swim.  He was very self-confident, and he had formed the habit of going out into the ocean to swim.  And he would go out beyond the breakers, and float around in the waters beyond the breakers enjoying himself, and then he would go back in to the beach.  This he had been doing for weeks.  But he was not acquainted with the rip tides and the undertows that are characteristic of that beach.  Smart swimmers can swim around them, but he was not knowledgeable about these things.  And Master had several times said to him, “I don’t want you to go swimming alone anymore.”  And just the evening before this incident he had said to this man, “I don’t want you to go swimming alone anymore.”

But that next day he had gone down to San Diego to do some work at the temple and drove back in the afternoon.  The sun was shining, the wind was blowing a little heavy but it was fairly nice.  And he thought how nice for a swim.  So he gathered some of the boys that were staying there at the Encinitas ashram — he followed the rule just a little bit.  He took this group of boys with him.  But he left them on the beach, and then he proceeded to swim out as was his custom.  And he noticed that he swam out very easily that day, the breakers were not a resistance to him as usual, and of course it was an undertow that took him out.  And he got out beyond the breakers and he swam around for a while.  Then the time came for him to swim in, and …what was his surprise, instead of the breaker taking him in to shore, he started going down, and he took in water, and he became desperate.

He was a big man, a strong man and he made another great dive to try to get through this undertow.  He didn’t know what it was but he was confident he could get through it.  But again he went down and took in water.  By this time he was in a rather sad state.  He knew enough about swimming that if he made another effort and he didn’t make it, it would be over.

hermitage and stairway
Hermitage, Encinitas

So he turned over on his back and began praying.  You’d have to know him a little bit to understand this prayer, but it went, “Lord, if you have anything you want me to do in this life, you’d better help me.”  (big laughter from the audience)  So he lay there, weak, and feeling bad for disobeying Master, and thinking of Master, and remembering all the times Master had said to him, “I don’t want you to go swimming alone anymore.”  And inwardly he said, “I’m sorry, Master.”  And as he lay there, sort of giving up, submitting his will to God and the Guru, a great light formed around him, and then he knew that everything was alright no matter what happened.  And he was enjoying this light.  And then he turned his head, and a big breaker was formed out beyond him, out further in the ocean, and he saw it come towards him.  The next thing he knew he was being carried by this giant breaker in to shore.  And the next thing he knew he was lying on the beach trying to catch his breath.  His chest was skinned, evidently he had been carried along the floor of the ocean.  And he looked around and he saw the boys still playing on the beach and he went and got them and he went in to thank Master.

So he climbed the cliff and went toward the hermitage, and before he even got to the stairs to go up to Master’s quarters, Master stuck his head out the window and said, “I don’t want you to go swimming alone anymore.”  (big laughter)  And then he said, “I had to pray very hard to God to bring you in today. Your time had come. I had to argue with the Father.”

So this shows his omniscience — he knew where his disciple was, his omnipotence, his omnipresence — that light was there.  The great master has those qualities.  He manifests them as necessary with God’s permission.

close large groupOur guru was a manifestation of Divinity. He manifested all the divine qualities that our hearts demand. He showed the great love of God. Love for God, love for God expressed in other human beings. In many ways he showed this love.

When he was giving a lecture series in St. Louis, there was this woman who could neither read nor write. …One day she was working in the cafe and she saw these leaflets that had come in that day…and she took them to her manager of whom she was a little bit afraid and said, “What does this say? Who is she?”  (laughter) and the manager said, “Well, it’s not a she, it’s Swami Yogananda, and he’s giving a lecture tonight.”  It was already 8 o’clock, time for the lecture, and she got the courage to ask him, “Can I go?” And he let her go, which was a surprise to her, but she hurried as fast as she could to the auditorium, and took a seat, and after she was seated Master came out, and the first thing he said was, “Is the lady who cannot read or write here yet?”  (laughter)  And then she stood up.  And he beamed with love to her and she beamed back.  They stood for several seconds that way, then Master said, “I want to talk to you after the class.”  So she came forward after the lecture and Master said, “You can’t read or write can you? Well I’ll teach you.”

During the next two weeks, she would attend his lecture, then he would devote another half hour to teaching her the teachings.  This is a sign of our great Guru’s love. …

master daya ma

Daya Ma tells of one time she was attending some dinner with the Guru and they were seated near each other at a table, and at another table some distance away they heard someone say some mean remarks about Master, and she looked at Master and she said, “Sir, how can you stand it?”  And Master reached over and plucked a rose from the vase that was on the table, and he took the petals of the rose and he ground them in the palm of his hand, then he gave his hand to Ma who inhaled the fragrance, and he said, “See how this rose is? Even when crushed it still gives off its fragrance. So should we all.”

Master manifested love, Master manifested wisdom…Master’s writings are permeated with that wisdom of God.  Someone who knows God, someone who is fixed in Cosmic Consciouness, writes and speaks with the power of that consciousness.   And that’s why we have all been drawn to these teachings, because of the power in these teachings.  Divine power is there.

Even the picture of a Master radiates the divine vibration, the image there is divine.  There’s a vibration there, even though it’s ink and paper, there’s a vibration in the countenance of our Guru that wins souls. Perhaps some of you here have been won to this path just by seeing his picture, or reading a line of the Guru.

Our Guru’s consciousness was fixed in that wisdom consciousness of God.  And it’s the love and wisdom of God, the bliss of God, that attracts us.  Yes, great miracles were performed… I’ve mentioned a few of them tonight, but it is the Divinity behind his life, in his life, that draws us, inspires us, uplifts us. … Our Guru is, not just was, he IS omnipresent, he is right here, he is as close as our hearts, as close as our thoughts, as close as our feeling for him.

excerpts from

Remembrances of the Guru, Paramahansa Yogananda ~ Bro. Mokshananda, CD/download

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