Mohammed and Islam ~ Yogananda and Sw. Sivananda

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Whispers from Eternity ~ Section II: Invocations to the Manifestations of God in the Temples of Great Lives — My Guru, Sri Yukteswar, Jesus Christ, Bhagavan Krishna, Swami Shankara, Moses, Mohammed, Buddha, Mahatma Gandhi



O Mohammed*, inspired Prophet of God!  Thy lighthouse, the Koran**, directs endangered soul ships around the lethal rocks of sin to safety in the Ultimate Harbor.

Thy soldiers sing of spiritual victory as they hasten chivalrously to rescue Dame Knowledge from the tyrant, Ignorance.

Thou warnest thy flock not to follow mirages in deserts of sense pleasures, but to browse in rich pastures of inner joy.

Thou hast instituted the dawn-to-dusk fast during the month of Ramadan, that spirit be attracted to the purified temple of man and offer him nectar and ambrosia.

Thy followers observe thy ban against liquors and opiates, which impair the mind and prevent divine perceptions.  Thou pointest out that man’s desire for intoxicants is a misguided craving for the life-transforming rejuvenator made in the Namaz*** wine press of prayer.

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With iconoclastic zeal thou dost prohibit the religious use of images and symbols; extolling, rather, simple inward worship of omnipresent Formless Spirit.

O Mohammed, to the war-drum beat of Allah-o-Akbar (‘God is the Greatest!’), drive away from us the Satan of matter worship.  With that sacred battle cry may we rout all invading thoughts of fear and limitations. Amin+. [Aum]

*Seventh-century prophet; the great founder of Islam
**The Moslem [Islamic] Bible
*** The chief prayer of the Moslems

Paramahansa Yogananda, Whispers from Eternity

+Aum (Om). The Sanskrit root word or seed-sound symbolizing that aspect of
Godhead which creates and sustains all things; Cosmic Vibration. Aum of
the Vedas became the sacred word Hum of the Tibetans; Amin of the
Moslems; and Amen of the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Jews, and Christians.
Glossary, The Second Coming of Christ

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Daya Mata with Swami Sivananda and Ananda Moyi Ma, India, 1959…  

 [Caption]: “The greatest lovers this world has ever known are those who have loved God.  Down through the ages they remain an inspiration to all mankind.  To produce true lovers of God, true knowers of God, is the purpose of India’s teaching; this is what her scriptures have proclaimed to mankind.” 


ISLAM, by Swami Sivananda (excerpts)

Islam is the name given by Mohammed, the Prophet of Arabia, to the religion which he founded.  Islam is an Arabic word, which means peace.  It means submission to the will of God.  It means surrender, acceptance of the revelation and commands of God… Islam is a religion of universal brotherhood…It makes no distinction between caste and caste, creed and creed…

Mohammed preached the unity of God.  He taught the love of God, respect for parents and the aged, reverence to women and a noble standard of life.  Alms-giving or charity was a religious duty. He said: “Every good act is charity. Your smiling in your brothers face is charity. Putting a wanderer in the right path is charity.”

The religion taught by the Prophet of Arabia is plain, simple and direct.  The beauty of this religion is marred by the un-Islamic behaviour of some of the followers of Islam.  It is clearly said in Quran, “No man is a true believer unless he desireth for his brother that which he desires for himself. God will not be affectionate to that man who is not affectionate to Gods creatures. Assist any person oppressed whether he is Muslim or non-Muslim. Love your fellow-being first.”

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A Muslim is expected to treat a non-Muslim as a brother and with as much generosity and friendliness as possible.  Islam is a religion of service.  The service of man and the good of humanity constitute the service and worship of God.

The first principle of Islam is “God has sent messengers to mankind throughout the ages to teach them that all messengers and all holy books are true,” thereby emphasizing the universality of faith … A true Mussalman must be tolerant.  Islam teaches that every religion is true.  Islam teaches that God has sent Prophets and religious teachers to mankind to bring them to the path of goodness, to teach them the noble things of life, to be kind, to be noble, to be merciful, to be good and to be just.

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WINE OF THE MYSTIC, an Islamic Sufi Scripture: The Intoxication of Divine Love and Joy ~ Paramahansa Yogananda

Islam teaches to regard not only human beings with kindness and tolerance, but also to treat animals with kindness.

Quran says: “Any man may attain liberation by his faith and good actions.  The flesh and blood of the animals that are sacrificed shall never reach God, but your purity shall reach God.  The flesh and blood of the animals you kill, shall not bring salvation for you.  Kill this ego.  Serve the suffering humanity.  Sacrifice your money, time and energy in the service of the poor, the oppressed.  This will give you salvation or freedom.”

In Quran, the brotherhood of man and the equality of woman with man socially, economically and spiritually are emphasized.  Man is a member of a great fraternity.  Woman is the counterpart of man.

Selflessness and service are the ideals which a Muslim is enjoined to follow.  The essence of Islam is the service of the suffering humanity.  The sacred Quran says: “Woe to those who pray, who are unmindful of their prayers, who make a show and refuse to help the needy.”

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The Prophet of Islam also was a great lover of the doctrine of Ahimsa.  Injuring people in any way or destroying any living creature is reprehensible. …

Prophet has enjoined on his followers full and broad toleration of the views and beliefs of people other than their own. Quran says: “Let there be no compulsion in religion.”…What is wanted is a contrite heart, sincere repentance and serious continuous effort to avoid evil and practice virtue…

Jihad is exerting oneself for the cause of religion. It is not taking part in war against unbelievers.   Islam strictly prohibits application of force for its observance.  There is no compulsion in religion.


Monument to Islam in the Court of All Religions, SRF Lake Shrine

Islam teaches that the followers of it should acquire the manifold attributes of Allah.  No one can be a Muslim and none can attain Allah without acknowledging the essential truths of all religions.

There is no such thing in Islam that a Muslim should fight in order that religion should live.  Islam forbids fighting.  Islam says: “You shall not take up arms except in the cause of self-defence.”  In every sentence of the Quran those who are tyrants have been told: “If you tyrannise over people, if you are cruel to them, you shall be punished.”…

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At a time when Europe was covered in ignorance and darkness, the early Mussalmans kept alive the burning torch of Science and learning.  They were thinkers, philosophers and seekers of knowledge.  From the eighth century till the fourteenth of our era, the children of Islam were the torch-bearers in the West.  Universities were established in Cairo, Baghdad, in Cordova in Spain.  Christian Europe learnt its earliest lessons in science, in astronomy, in chemistry, in mathematics from the Mussalmans.

There have been in the history of Islam many women who have contributed enormously not only to literature, but also to science.  Read the history of the Arabs in Spain and Baghdad.  You will be amazed to read therein that women have sat as High Court Judges, have written books and poems, have been scientists and mathematicians, have run schools and hospitals and had under their care thousands of males of every age…

Such was the splendid development of the Religion which the Prophet of Arabia founded.  Its philosophical side too was very noble.   It taught that all is from God, that there is no beauty in the world that is not His beauty, that there is no love in the heart of man that is not a breath of His love.



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