“Achieving this balance, men and women become gods…” ~ Paramahansaji and Daya Mata

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“The harmonious balance of reason and feeling leads to intuitive perception and the ability to know what is Truth. Achieving this balance, men and women become gods.”

Paramahansa Yogananda, The Second Coming of Christ

PARAMAHANSAJI:  When God divided Himself as man and woman…He created superficial distinctions in their bodies and minds.  When He made man, He used reason and feeling and cosmic energy, keeping reason uppermost and feeling hidden; that is why man’s features manifest dispassionate reason.  God made woman by using feeling, reason, and cosmic energy, keeping feeling uppermost and reason hidden; that is why her features express softness and call forth feeling….

The ideal spiritual union between man and woman was ordained that man might bring out the hidden reason in woman, and that the woman might help man uncover his hidden feeling.  — The Second Coming of Christ

Yoga teaches one how to balance his powers of reason and feeling. One who does not have both equally is not a fully developed person.  — Man’s Eternal Quest

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How marvelously ahead of his time Master was because…his prayer consisted of “Father, Mother, Friend, Beloved.”…That divine being is our Father…that is also our Mother

In the ultimate sense, we, you and I, are neither man nor woman, neither male nor female. We are the soul which knows no identification with that male or female body. We are a part of that divine being God, and endowed in us are those qualities which have sprung only from Him…Let us be more concerned that we strive to fulfill in our lives those ideals which are eternal and which are embraced by all the religions of the world…all of those qualities that are ideal in the feminine, and all of those qualities that are ideal in the masculine…

I was born in a female body, but I find it very difficult to think either as man or woman, because I know that I am the soul, and so are all of you. The important thing is to be less concerned about using these terms, and to be more concerned about genuine equality which springs from the soul…No world could exist without man, no world could exist without woman. Both are recognized as equal in the sight of God. Both are recognized as giving forth those qualities which are absolutely necessary in order for us to become balanced human beings.

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We need the gentleness, the compassion, the tenderness that is predominant in the female. We need the wisdom…those qualities of reason which are uppermost in man. We need those qualities of strength, of go-get-’em which is predominant in man. Both we need in order to become balanced human beings…

Many years ago, Leopold Stokowski,* who was a devout follower of Guruji…said, “There is something in Guru, in Paramahansa Yogananda, that I have admired ever since I first met him.”  And he said, “I would like so much to strive for that balance within myself… He has the perfect balance between the qualities of male and female. You cannot think of him as man, you cannot think of him as woman.  There is such a marvelous blend of compassion, of love, of wisdom, of strength.  All those qualities that all of us should have within ourselves. I remember thinking, that is what first attracted me to Paramahansa Yogananda, that wonderful balance between wisdom, between love, reason, compassion and so on.”

* Leopold Stokowski, “One of the greatest conductors of the Twentieth Century”

And do you know, if you read the lives of any great teacher, and it certainly includes the Lord Jesus Christ, do you not see that balance, do you not see that perfect blend of the gentleness and the love and compassion, with the great wisdom and tremendous strength he had in his life?  And each one of you, my dears, have been endowed by God with those qualities,  and it is for us to strive to bring them to the fore in our own lives.

from Security in a World of Change, DVD/rental, Daya Mataji

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PARAMAHANSAJI:  Understanding is a balance of calm intelligence and purity of heart.  Emotion is not love; emotion is distorted feeling that will lead you to do the wrong thing.  And understanding that is guided solely by the intellect is coldblooded; it too will teach you to do wrong….Men sometimes become intellectually ossified, and women occasionally become emotionally unreasonable. You must have balanced understanding.  If your understanding is governed by both heart and head, then you have clear vision to see yourself and others.

Pure reason and pure feeling both have intuitive qualities…every woman should strive to be less emotional and to keep herself free from wrong emotions.  She will then develop that intuitive mother-aspect of God…The divine man develops both the fatherly and the motherly qualities in himself.   He can feel toward anyone the same love a mother has for her children.  Man’s Eternal Quest

Unite the heart’s feeling and the mind’s reason in a perfect balance.  Spiritual Diary


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