The Guru’s Dogma, and Experiences of the One God in All Religions ~ Sri Daya Mata

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Experiences of the One God in All Religions

When I entered the ashram as a young girl of seventeen, I had one notion: “Now, my Beloved, I must experience You as you are known in all religions, because I believe in and revere them all.” … In my travels around the world I have worshipped in mosques, temples, churches and cathedrals.  By going within in meditation, I experienced in each one the divine bliss of God.

That bliss everyone can experience when he rids his mind of prejudices.  In the hearts and minds of intelligent human beings there is no room for prejudices.  These are hidden fetters that tie the soul and smother it.  The Divine is tolerant; the Divine has no prejudices.  If we would be like Him, should we not also practice tolerance?  If we would know Him, we must!

Tolerance does not conflict with loyalty.  For me, it means simply this: I follow my Guru’s path, but I revere others as well.  In his invocations to the Divine, Guruji always paid respect to his own line of gurus … Finally, he invokes the blessings of the saints of all religions–such was his reverence for anyone who lives in the thought of God alone.  Truth is one, God is one, though he be called by many names.

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Yoga: Direct Perception of God

The different religions teach different doctrines, and dogmatize their followers in those ideas, and this is all right.  But I often remember Master’s saying to me, “We must be very broad, but we must dogmatize”–and that was the only context in which he ever used the word in relation to his work–“we must dogmatize our members in the practice of kriya yoga.”  I thought to myself, “Ah, how wonderful!”  For I understood his meaning: “I am interested in holding the devotees of Self-Realization by only one tie–their own direct perception of God, as experienced by the practice of kriya.”  We don’t say that Kriya Yoga is the only technique of realization, but our Guru found it to be the best method by which the devotee can attain direct experience of God within…

The church, regardless of what religion it embraces, has one primary mission to fulfill: to help the devotee to attain direct perception of God.  I believe, as Master said, that the time will come when all churches will emphasize meditation, which gives actual experience of God.  That alone will save mankind, and indeed the world…

Communion with God is the touchstone that proves His own presence hidden behind all true religions.   When God is actually experienced, the superficial differences of dogma lose their meaning.  God-communion is therefore the key to tolerance and understanding between followers of various faiths.

from Finding the Joy Within You ~ Sri Daya Mata


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