PRAYER: the Power to Change Lives all Over This World ~ DAYA MATAJI

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Most men consider the course of events as natural and inevitable.  They little know what radical changes are possible through prayer.

Paramahansa Yogananda

I remember, years ago, when I first came to Mount Washington…Master taught us at the end of our meditations to pray for people.   Always we closed our meditations, forgetting ourselves, having communed with God, then to pray for mankind.  Years later, he thought of …the Worldwide Prayer Council, and we established that principle in all of our centers, and among our members throughout the world.

Now thought has tremendous power, because out of thought all action springs.  And everything that is finite in this world is the result of thought.  Therefore the most powerful force in this world is thought.  Therefore, if that be true, then thought has the power to affect lives, and not only lives, but communities and nations.  And if this be so, it is important that that thought be positive rather than negative.  There are millions of people in this world who are thinking in a negative way and are also acting in a negative way, isn’t it?  Therefore, it is in the interest of ourselves, and in the interest of mankind that we all take an active part in praying for mankind.  That powerful vibration of the combined thought of goodness and of love, and the kindness and compassion, and positive behavior is a mighty force that has the power to change lives all over this world.


And so I urge all of you…to join in that worldwide pursuit of God, God communion, of prayer that we might contribute our part toward changing the world and the course which it is bent upon taking.  We CAN do it.  One voice, the voice of Christ, uttered centuries ago, picked up by a handful of disciples, and those disciples spreading it to other disciples, and down through the ages, two-thousand years…that one voice was able to transform MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of people all over this world.  Shall we not join his voice, and the voice of our Guru, and the voice of all of those religions, all of those good, saintly souls and contribute our part for striving to change the course of this world?  We can and we must do it, and we must have the faith to believe it can be done, because I know it can be done.

But each one of you here, I tell you, each one must do your part.  Don’t think, well I heard Daya Ma, she spoke well, now let me get back… (audience chuckes).  That will have no meaning.  My voice, my hope, is to touch the very core of your being with this thought.  Change your lives by following these simple suggestions.  Join every day in this vast, loosely knitted but strong family of individuals praying for the well-being of the world and for the well-being of every individual.

from “Security in a World of Change” DVD/Rental Daya Mataji

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I think you all know the methods Master taught us for using the healing energy that is within and all around us—gathering and feeling that energy in our hands and then sending it to others.  Every night I pray for those who have requested help and prayers from our Worldwide Prayer Circle, and we join together in our daily meditations and prayer services to send out healing energy to all in need.  You also can practice these techniques that Master has given; I hope you will make use of them.  How effective they are! 

As you know, science is developing instruments for registering the presence of energy.  Such instruments would show that during our Self-Realization Fellowship healing services, tremendous energy projects from our hands as we raise our hands to send healing vibrations to others.  And the physical energy is only part of what is pouring out.  Life energy is a vehicle for the even more powerful force of mind or thought.  That is why, in practicing this technique, after meditating and attuning ourselves with God we concentrate on and chant Aum – sending out that Holy Vibration which consists not only of all-powerful Cosmic Energy but also God’s immanent divine intelligence (the Christ or Kutastha Consciousness).

Excerpt from Self-Realization magazine, Fall, 2007



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