LAHIRI MAHASAYA and Tara Mata’s Grandfather ~ Sri Daya Mata

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Daya Mata:  Tara Ma came from a quite extraordinary family, to speak briefly about that aspect of her life.  Her grandfather, Orson Pratt, was one of the founders of the Mormon religion.  He was one of the great astronomers and mathematicians of the Western world.  Einstein said of him that only a handful of men, even today, could understand Orson Pratt’s book on mathematics.  A prophet and a seer, he seemed to live in another world…During the month of LAHIRI MAHASAYA’s birth (September 30, 1828), he would go out when everyone else was asleep and pray all night to God.  He experienced some great spiritual awakening during that period when Lahiri Mahasaya was born.

And Tara Ma was very much like her grandfather, spiritually and intellectually.  She had one of the most original, keen, penetrating minds of any human being I have ever met.  She lived primarily by the principle of discrimination, and early understood the highest wisdom, which is to seek and know God.  Wisdom is not wisdom unless it relates to Him.  And one cannot relate to God unless one loves Him deeply.  Tara Ma’s love for God was not the kind that is displayed before others.  She lived it — ardently and profoundly.”

from TARA MATA ~ A Loving Tribute ~ Memorial Article


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