“The only honor that man can pay his Creator…” Sri Yukteswar ~ Yogananda and Jesus

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Sri Yukteswar was expounding the Christian scriptures one sunny morning on the balcony of his Serampore hermitage.  Besides a few of Master’s other disciples, I was present with a small group of my Ranchi students.

“In this passage Jesus calls himself the Son of God.  Though he was truly united with God, his reference here has a deep impersonal significance,” my guru explained.  “THE SON OF GOD IS THE CHRIST OR DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS IN MAN.  No mortal can glorify God.  The only honor that man can pay his Creator is to seek Him; man cannot glorify an Abstraction that he does not know.

The ‘glory’ or nimbus [‘halo’] around the head of the saints is a symbolic witness of their capacity to render divine homage.”

Paramahansa Yogananda, Autobiography of a Yogi


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