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We Are Unconquerable and Immortal

The realization that we are unconquerable and immortal is what every human being, consciously or unconsciously, is striving to attain.  In all his outer pursuits—science, business, medicine, and every other walk of life—man is seeking peace, security, freedom from suffering, lasting happiness.  It is right that he do so; indeed, these are his divine heritage as a child of God.  But most people attempt to attain that infinite birthright through finite means.  How much greater would be our accomplishments if while sending spaceships to explore the cosmos, for example, we were also making an effort to explore the vast universe of soul-potentialities within ourselves.

Material progress is laudable.  But no amount of outer success alone is going to give man the inner satisfaction and security he is seeking. We have sent men to the moon; we have eradicated many of the diseases that threatened previous generations; we have developed sophisticated methods of production that could wipe out hunger and poverty. But no matter how great our material accomplishments are, we cannot seem to keep our balance in this world.  We make progress in one area, and then suddenly we are faced with disaster from another direction—the menace of war, or the threat of economic recession, or the ill winds of other troubles.

This is not to say we shouldn’t try to solve our problems through outward means.  God has given us intelligence and will power, and He expects us to use them to improve conditions in the world.  But in putting forth our good efforts, we should learn to recognize and draw on the inner Source of our intelligence and power.  Failure to do so is where man is making his mistake.

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Security in an Uncertain World

Great civilizations throughout history have fallen because they lost sight of this truth.  The more man accomplishes outwardly, the more he has the tendency to become egotistically dependent on his achievements.  By gaining expertise in the fields of science, technology, medicine, and the other areas that provide creature comforts, man begins to feel he can do without God.  Thus begins the downfall of that civilization. Social, family, political, ecological problems begin to proliferate, because man loses the wisdom that would enable him to harness rightly the tremendous powers uncovered by his use of science.  Life becomes too complex for him to deal with; it becomes a source of tremendous anxiety and uncertainty.

So how can we retain our inner security in this era of such complicated problems? There is only one way: we have to learn to meditate, and to reduce our myriad pursuits to their one common denominator—God. … No matter what our outer role in this world, we should relate our endeavors inwardly to the Divine. We needn’t fly away to the seclusion of a mountain cave in order to live for God; we should simply cultivate the consciousness that it is God who is the Doer, who is our strength, our intelligence, our life. As we bring Him into our consciousness, we begin to live rightly—and to develop the insight to discover the solutions to our problems. …


Take the Time to Commune With God

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It is not so difficult to cultivate such a relationship with God; it doesn’t take much time, compared to the time we devote to everything else. Master told us that if for only a few minutes each day we deeply call to God, especially when we are troubled, our lives would begin to change. …Take a mini-vacation for a few minutes from all those problems … so you can commune deeply with the Divine.

I think of it this way: Someday I shall have to leave this world, and in that moment all these concerns will drop away from my mind. I will have no time to worry about what this person is doing, or what that person said, or what is happening in the world. So when the time comes for meditation, I die to this world. Out goes all thought of the body and its material concerns, and the mind becomes pinpointed on God. …As Master used to say: “God is very humble. He doesn’t wish to impose Himself on us, so He remains in the background.” But if you call on Him with undivided attention and deep devotion, if your longing for Him is sincere, you will feel your whole being becoming immersed in His love divine, in peace “which passeth all understanding.” (*Philippians 4:7)

That is what is missing from the lives of millions—the peace that assures us that we are His and He is ours. The individual who has that inner relationship with God is imbued with a divine courage and wisdom that can make a real contribution to the world. He becomes a much clearer thinker, much calmer and more enthusiastic. He is not merely existing; he is truly living, because he feels he has something to live for—God. He is secure; he is fearless. He can no longer be shaken or distressed by outer happenings, because he is safely anchored in the changeless depths of Spirit.

an excerpt from Sri Daya Mata COURAGE TO FACE OUR FEARS,  Self-Realization magazine, Summer 1991