“Never Be Ashamed to Cry for God” ~ Bro. Achalananda

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Brother Achalananda offering rose petals to the Gurus

Brother had been in the ashram for only a short time when they built new quarters for the monks at Mount Washington.  DAYA MA joined them for a meditation in the new chapel.  Brother said that during that meditation she went into a deep state of consciousness.  “She must have known by intuition the undeveloped devotees she was with,” Brother said, “because for our benefit, she expressed verbally her inward prayers to Divine Mother, pouring out her heart with such love and devotion and yearning that I felt my own heart would break.  To hear someone crying out that way to God in a plea so palatable – you would have to be a rock not to feel it.”  Brother found himself thinking, “Lord, why can’t I love You that way?”  Suddenly he started crying – sobbing just like a child.  “But then something happened,” Brother said, “The ego reared its ugly head and I thought, ‘What will the other monks think of me?  They will think I’m faking it, putting on a show.’”  So he tried to stifle the sobs, but he could not stop.

After the meditation was over Daya Ma blessed each one, and when she came to Brother she told him, “NEVER BE ASHAMED TO CRY FOR GOD”

Daya Mata in India, Bro. Achalananda to her left

The great master, Ramakrishna once said, “Love for God, those tears for God, washes away the mud of delusion.”  Those tears will prepare the devotee to express in his life greater understanding and for unfoldment of the twenty-six soul qualities that make man God-like. (See Bhavagad Gita, Chapter XVI)

from Compassion and Understanding: Cornerstones of Spiritual Living—Bro. Achalananda


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