MONASTIC STORIES of the Gurus and Monastics


See also~  LAY DEVOTEES STORIES of Gurus and Monastics

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An actor sees the real Jesus in the movie ‘Jesus of Nazareth’ ~ Bro. Brahmananda

The Last Judgment, and ‘Saved by Jesus,’ a True Story ~ Brother Brahmananda

The Guru’s Discipline: the Dunce Cap Story ~ Daya Mataji

“Has our Guru appeared to you since he left his body?” ~ Daya Mataji Answers

The Humility of the Guru ~ Daya Mataji

A Tribute of Love to Sri Daya Mata ~ SRF Monastics

The “Peace and Harmony Prayer,” and the Healing Power of Forgiveness~ Bro. Bhaktananda

Stories of Yogananda and Bro. Bhaktananda ~ from devotee notes

Yogananda Writes AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A YOGI ~ Daya Mata story

SISTER GYANAMATA ~ “Nothing left undone that I could have done…”

“You Must Never Lose Courage” ~ Yogananda’s letter to Ananda Mataji

Daya Mata and Paramahansaji, the best computer engineers ~ Swami Smaranananda Story

Babaji Blesses Daya Mataji’s Presidency of SRF/YSS

The Ideal Disciple, Story of Hanuman ~ Bro. Nakulananda

Karma and the Spiritual Eye ~ Sw. Krishnananda’s Story

Master Asks Bro. Anandamoy to do the ‘Impossible’

Stories of DAYA MATAJI, by Bro. Paramananda

The Pilot and the Rat, Guruji Story ~ Daya Mataji

Does God Still Speak To Us? ~ Uma Mata

The Windmill Chapel at Lake Shrine ~ Stories

SRI KRISHNA Everywhere ~ Bro. Anandamoy Story

Daya Mataji, an Ecstasy with Sri Krishna ~ Sananda Lal Ghosh

Surrender and Keeping the Mind On God, Stories ~ Sw. Krishnananda

SW. BHAVANANDA Inspiration, Devotee Reminiscences

Paying Karma in Advance, Brother Anandamoy’s Spaghetti Story

“Never doubt the love of your Guru”—Bro. Anandamoy’s Avocado Story

“Misfortune after misfortune…” Krishna’s Boon ~ Bro. Anilananda

“Turn the Other Cheek; Applying the principle of nonviolence (ahimsa)” ~ Brother Vishwananda