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(January 31, 1914 – November 30, 2010)

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Sri Daya Mata, President and Spiritual Head of SRF/YSS 1955-2010, Complete Index

Sri Daya Mata (January 31, 1914 – November 30, 2010), In Memoriam, Index

Sri Daya Mata: A Life of Love, Humility, and Devoted Service to God, Spiritual Biography

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Daya Mataji Talks and Stories, Yogananda Site, Complete List

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“At the Head…Men and Women of Divine Realization” ~ Paramahansaji

SRI DAYA MATAji – ‘From the Highest Planes of Heaven’ ~ Bro. Chidananda

SRI DAYA MATAji: That Power of Divine Love ~ Bro. Chidananda

SRI DAYA MATAji: Fulfilling a Great Mission ~ Bro. Chidananda

DAYA MATA ~ Yoganandaji’s ‘Nest Egg’ – Sister, Minister, President of SRF

Daya Mata, 100% devotion, 100% obedience, 100% loyalty ~ Bro. Anandamoy

“A NEW SCRIPTURE IS BORN” – Yogananda’s BHAGAVAD GITA; History of Writing and Publication ~ Sri Daya Mata

“Love Will Be the Savior of the World” ~ Sri Daya Mata Stories

The TREMENDOUS POWER OF PRAYER to Affect the Course of the World ~ Sri Daya Mata

BABAJI Blesses Daya Mataji’s Presidency of SRF/YSS

“My Nature is Love…” Daya Mataji’s (Second) Vision of BABAJI

Strength to Cope With Life’s Difficulties ~ Sri Daya Mata

Beloved Daya Mataji’s Blessings to Devotees ~ Sw. Shraddanandaji

PRAYER: the Power to Change Lives all Over This World ~ DAYA MATAJI

Paramahansaji’s Mahasamadhi and the Passing of His Mantle ~ Daya Mataji

Experiences of SRI YUKTESWARJI’S Great Divine Love ~ Daya Mataji

“Achieving this balance, men and women become gods…” ~ Paramahansaji and Daya Mata

The Guru’s Dogma, and Experiences of the One God in All Religions ~ Sri Daya Mata

Sri Daya Mataji ~ “No insecurities; no fear of loss, or injury, or even of death…”

A Great Spiritual Experience with DAYA MATAJI ~ Swami Shyamananda

Bro. Devananda ~ ONLY LOVE, Daya Mataji’s 100th Birth Anniversary

SHYAMA MATA ~ Exemplifying God’s Love With Faith and Strength, Daya Mataji

Stories of LAHIRI MAHASAYA from Sri Sanyal, his great disciple ~ Daya Mata

Memorial Tribute to Sri DURGA MATA ~ by Daya Mata

SWAMI SHYAMANANDA GIRI, Rajarsi’s Indian counterpart ~ Daya Mataji

The Guru’s Discipline: the Dunce Cap Story ~ Daya Mataji

“Has our Guru appeared to you since he left his body?” ~ Daya Mataji Answers

The Humility of the Guru ~ Daya Mataji

A Tribute of Love to Sri Daya Mata ~ SRF Monastics

Yogananda Writes AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A YOGI ~ Daya Mata story

Daya Mata and Paramahansaji, the best computer engineers ~ Swami Smaranananda Story

Stories of Daya Mataji ~ Bro. Paramananda, devotee notes

The Pilot and the Rat, Guruji Story ~ Daya Mataji

Divine Experiences With DAYA MATAJI ~ Two devotee stories

Daya Mataji, an Ecstasy with Sri Krishna ~ Sananda Lal Ghosh

Daya Mataji’s Last Act ~ Bro. Sevananda

SRI DAYA MATA: A Neighbor’s Reflection, by B J Gallagher

SRF and Other Religions; Need for SRF/YSS Organization–Daya Mataji

“Three Qualities That Lead to Inner Freedom” ~ Sri Daya Mataji

Stories of Yoganandaji and Daya Mata ~ Br Miles

Stories of Daya Ma, Bro. Bhaktananda and Master ~ Bro. Jayananda

Daya Mata’s Samadhi and Sri & Mrs. Sen / Mirabai ~ Sw. Krishnananda story

Yogananda, Invocation to LORD BUDDHA; Daya Mata Visits Sacred Bodhi Tree

Sri Daya Mata Meets Her “Ideal in the Mother-form” ~ ANANDA MAYI MA

ELVIS PRESLEY and Sri Daya Mataji

“My Krishna is Blue” ~ Daya Mataji’s Travel Diary

“Worth any amount of time. Worth any amount of effort.” ~ Bro. Chidanandaji DAYA MATA Story

“I am with them…” Autobiography of a Yogi ~ Daya Mata and Bro. Achalananda

“One Massive Flame of Desire for the Lord” ~ Quotes from ONLY LOVE, Sri Daya Mataji

Inspiration for the NEW YEAR ~ Sri Daya Mata

Nourishing the Yearning for God ~ Sri Daya Mata, devotee notes

DIVINE ONES AND KARMA, Story: Lord Krishna Enters the Body of the Mother Pig ~ Sri Daya Mataji

Alien Life, Spiritualism and Channeling ~ Sri Daya Mata



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