“Great ones always bring with them spiritual associates from past lives to assist them in their present mission” …

“There will always be at the head of this organization men and women of Divine Realization.”

                                       ~ Paramahansa Yogananda


Daya Ma nuns and monks MC_Fotor_Fotor

“…at the Head…Men and Women of Divine Realization” ~ Paramahansaji

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Overcoming Fear and Worry Through Communion With God ~ RAJARSI JANAKANANDA

DAYA MATA ~ Yoganandaji’s ‘Nest Egg’ – Sister, Minister, President of SRF

Beloved MRINALINI MATA, President of SRF/YSS since 2011 and  Beloved Mrinalini Mata ~ 70 Years of Love and Service to the Guru

Yogananda’s Tribute to SISTER GYANAMATA ~ SRF Magazine, 1952

TARA MATA ~ Praises from Paramahansaji ; and TARA MATA ~ A Loving Tribute,  Memorial Article

Memorial Tribute to Sri DURGA MATA ~ by Daya Mata

Stories of ANANDA MATA ~ Bro. Anandamoy and ANANDA MATA, “Her whole life was guru-bhakti” ~ Mrinalini Mata

BRO. BHAKTANANDA ~ Embodiment of Simplicity and Love for God

BRO. ANANDAMOY’s Story of Finding the Autobiography and Becoming a Monk

SISTER YOGMATA ~ “I never forgot you, Sister” Paramahansaji

MUKTI MATA – ‘Her Presence was Her Message’

Sister PARVATI ~ Stories of Paramahansaji

SRADDHA MATA ~ A Life of Complete Dedication

SAILASUTA MATA, Direct Disciple, Helping with Autobiography of a Yogi ~ SRF Link

“BRO. MOKSHANANDA ~ What a perfect SRF monk, minister and devotee should be”

MEERA MATA ~ Joyous Servant of God

SHYAMA MATA ~ Queen of Hearts

BRO. BIMALANANDA ~ Childlike Simplicity, Love, and Purity of Heart

SAHAJA MATA ~ In Memoriam ~ Such a Beautiful Disciple!

UMA MATA, Direct Disciple ~ Finding the Guru at Age Nine

“Talk to Me, Prove Me!” ~ SISTER AMBALIKA, direct disciple of Paramahansaji

SEVA DEVI ~ “Swamiji is Here!!”

SISTER KARUNA, direct disciple ~ Immersed in Ineffable Joy

VIJOYA MATA ~ Direct Disciple ~ Yogananda’s Ambassador of Love and Service

BRO. ABHEDANANDA ~ a Life Lived Purely for God and Guru

EVELINA GLANZMANN, Direct Disciple, “She Earned Her Place at the Feet of God…”



DR. LEWIS ~ Great Disciple of Paramahansaji

RICHARD WRIGHT, Beloved Spiritual Son of the Guru and Tribute to RICHARD WRIGHT


SWAMI SHYAMANANDA, Yogananda Site articles, List

BROTHER PREMAMOY – “The majestic tree of a saintly life”

SISTER AMRITA ~ Practical Wisdom and a Mother’s Understanding Heart

Beloved BRO. TURIYANANDA ~ In Memoriam and Personal Sayings

SISTER MRIDANI ~ Such Faith, inner strength, and practical wisdom

Dennis Weaver: Actor, Ardent Humanitarian, Faithful Disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda

SISTER SHANTI ~ Radiating Divine Love, Understanding and Friendship to All

BRO. BHAVANANDA ~ Deep Spirituality and Compassionate Caring for All